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Relief programs in October 2021: New working WA grants

Relief programs in October 2021 – info and updates  This is a brief list of programs created to help businesses and employees impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This list is

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New laws protecting high-risk employees; [Ask a Lawyer] Vaccine policy webinar

New laws protecting employees during public health emergencies   The 2021 Legislature enacted policy changes designed to increase protections for workers during public health emergencies. Employers must be mindful of these

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Weekly Update: The clock is ticking on PPP forgiveness ⏰

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is no longer accepting applications, but recipients can still apply to have their loan forgiven. Make sure you’re in the know on how and when to apply. Need more info?

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Congress unveils $900 billion relief bill

[Updated Dec. 22, 2020] On Dec. 21, Congress unveiled a $900 billion relief bill to provide short-term economic relief to the country in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The