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What to do with 226-J penalty letters

According to the National Restaurant Association, if you receive a letter entitled 226-J from the Internal Revenue Service, don’t ignore it. “The 226-J letters are the IRS’s official notice to

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What is a no-match letter?

The Restaurant Law Center of the National Restaurant Association issued guidance on April 25, 2019, regarding no-match letters. What’s a ‘no-match’ letter? The Social Security Administration (SSA) will send so-called

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Breaking News: DOL Issues Proposed Overtime Rule

From the National Restaurant Association on March 7, 2019 The Department of Labor (DOL) just released its rewrite of the Obama Administration’s overtime rule, which more than doubled the salary

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Tip pool victory bridges heart-of-house wage gap

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Jillian Henze, senior communications manager, jillianh@wahospitality.org, 360-956-7279 ext. 124 Tip pool victory bridges heart-of-house wage gap in restaurant industry (OLYMPIA, WASH., APRIL 2, 2018) –