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More than Medical: Using Association Programs to Create a Brilliant Benefits Package for Your Employees

By David Faro   Thinking about benefits packages? Articles usually recommend various strategies for retaining employees. Generally, in most stories, benefits are brought up as a No. 1 way to

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Paid Family and Medical Leave in Washington

By Nicole Vukonich   In July 2017, after months of negotiations and strategic planning a business and employee-friendly paid family and medical leave law was signed by the governor. Now

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Planning for Paid Family Medical Leave

By Rick Braa   Q: It’s been some time since the “exciting” announcement was made about Paid Family Medical Leave coming to the workforce. Recently, we’ve been discussing it and

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Seattle Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative Fact Sheet

HOTEL EMPLOYEES HEALTH AND SAFETY INITIATIVE FACT SHEET Prepared by the Seattle Hotel Association  Download the HEHS Fact Sheet here. Background and effective dates The Hotel Employees Health and Safety

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Seattle City Council approves $50 million tax on jobs

On Monday, May 14, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to tax jobs at businesses with more than $20 million in annual taxable gross receipts in Seattle. This new revenue


ESD Job Board Provides Unlimited Free Monster Connected Listings

By Chad Pearson,  Change ‘Help Wanted’ to ‘Help Found’ Good managers and supervisors are important to your success, and finding replacements isn’t always easy. Try using WorkSourceWA.com to fill your

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Tip Pooling – HERO Manual

On March 23, 2018, Congress passed critical funding legislation that included repealing the tip pool rule that barred certain employers from setting up tip-pooling arrangements under which tipped employees can share


Hourly and Salaried Overtime

New Overtime Rule Struck Down in Court In Sept. 2017, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant struck down a new rule for overtime pay, saying the Labor Department set an excessively


Minimum Wage

There are currently five minimum wages in Washington state:   State Minimum Wage Due to the passage of Initiative 1433, in Nov. 2016, the state minimum wage: Increased to $11


Summary of Tip Laws

Tips are any gratuitous payment made by a customer to one who serves the customer. They include cash tips, credit or debit card tips, or tips by check. If an


Meals and Breaks

Definitions The normal working day is considered to be eight hours of work. Meal periods must be a minimum of 30 minutes. Meal periods are not considered to be part


Payroll Deductions

During an ongoing employment relationship (i.e., employee is still employed with the employer on payday), the following deductions are allowed, and may reduce the employee’s wage below the minimum wage


Terminating an Employee

Employers must take a great deal of care when terminating an employee. This summary outlines some of the legal claims that can result from terminations and some suggestions to follow


Prohibited Duties for Minors

Alcohol Occupations involving the sale, handling or serving of any liquor, either on a paid or voluntary basis.   Deep Fryers Minors may use fryers for cooking purposes. Although L&I


Preventing Teen Injuries

Employment data show the hospitality and retail industries, including restaurants, employ 50 percent of teenagers, which contributes to the high incidence of injury to teens. In 2000, the Washington State