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Final rule revises joint-employer status

The federal Department of Labor issued a final rule on Jan. 12, 2020, updating what it means to be a joint employer. The National Restaurant Association staff members on Jan.

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NRA looks to Congress for joint-employer solution

For 30 years, the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) joint-employer standard held that the definition of an employer was someone with actual or direct control over employees. In 2015, the NLRB dramatically expanded that definition to include indirect and potential control of employees, upending three decades of labor law and creating confusion for small businesses like restaurants. (National Restaurant Association)

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Weekly Update: Joint Employer Legislation & Tip Pooling Updates

House Introduces Joint Employer Legislation After months of working closely with key members of Congress, this morning the Save Local Business Act was introduced to correct the damaging impact that

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Labor board’s new standard could be trouble for restaurants

It could be a while before we know its true impact, but the National Labor Relations Board’s vague new joint-employer standard poses a serious threat to both the franchise model and the growth potential for all restaurants, according to a former NLRB member.

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NLRB shift puts restaurants everywhere at risk

The National Labor Relations Board’s abrupt change in direction on its “joint-employer” standard is a serious threat to the growth potential for restaurants and other businesses across the country.

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Weekly Update: Washington Restaurant Magazine Legislative Review issue on its way to your mailbox

2015 saw the longest legislative session in Washington’s history. Washington Restaurant Magazine’s Legislative Review issue is your guide to the intricacies of the session and how your WRA Government Affairs team helped protect your bottom line and your ability to run your business.

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NLRB’s Actions Upend the Joint-Employer Standard

The National Restaurant Association issued the following statement regarding the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling in the Browning-Ferris Industries case. The 3-2 party-line decision – in which the Board ruled that a staffing agency can be considered a joint employer – has broad implications across several industries, including restaurants.

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How a new ‘joint-employer’ standard could hurt franchising

Recent moves by the National Labor Relations Board are threatening franchise independence, and that has franchise owners like Tom Saia worried.

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Seattle Minimum Wage Guide: Crash Course

Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re finishing off our “Minimum Wage Survival Guide” series with a bare-bones guide of all the most important points we’ve covered so far.

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Weekly Update: WLA board unanimously approves joint operating agreement with the WRA

Late last week, the Washington Lodging Association board unanimously and enthusiastically authorized its Executive Committee to sign the Master Services Agreement and Joint Operating Agreement with the Washington Restaurant Association.

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What does the ordinance mean for franchise owners?

When it comes to franchisees, the law in Seattle considers you a large business even if you only own a single outlet. As part of a franchise you must include

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB joint-employer ruling is a job killer

There could be big trouble ahead for franchisors, thanks to a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) opinion – and it could potentially harm employees, too.

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Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 employers. Which one are you?

A critical part of implementing the Seattle Minimum wage ordinance is understanding if you are Schedule 1 or 2 employer (big or small). If you employ 501 or more employees

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB on joint employers

Last week, Washington Restaurant Market Watch examined the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rulings on union elections and their potential impact on restaurant operators. This week we continue our series on the NLRB with a look at its view of joint employers.

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Former NLRB member: “Joint employer” ruling eliminates jobs

The recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel to consider McDonald’s and its franchisees as “joint employers” in a series of labor practice complaints could have severe, negative consequences across industries and discourage people from purchasing franchises, according to former NLRB member Peter Kirsanow.