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From the CEO: Industry’s future is in your hands

By Anthony Anton, president and CEO Our board of directors and a significant number of members from all sectors of our industry have asked me to stress the importance to

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Weekly Update: Paid Family and Medical Leave Toolkit Helps You Prepare

Paid Family and Medical Leave Toolkit Helps You Prepare Premium collections for Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program begin Jan. 1, 2019. Are you prepared? We have a toolkit

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Eye on Hospitality: Resources to Help Remain Compliant with Current Immigration Laws

By Paul Schlienz   As the hospitality industry faces a labor shortage, and the U.S. is embattled in fierce debates over immigration, the Washington Hospitality Association spoke with Davis Bae,

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Seattle Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative Fact Sheet

HOTEL EMPLOYEES HEALTH AND SAFETY INITIATIVE FACT SHEET Prepared by the Seattle Hotel Association  Download the HEHS Fact Sheet here. Background and effective dates The Hotel Employees Health and Safety

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Seattle publishes updated administrative rules for PSST, but is still finalizing definition of “hourly compensation” for PSST purposes

On Monday, June 4, Seattle published updated administrative rules for the City’s Paid Sick and Safe Time ordinance which was updated in late 2017.  The update incorporated the more generous provisions of the

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Tip Pooling – HERO Manual

On March 23, 2018, Congress passed critical funding legislation that included repealing the tip pool rule that barred certain employers from setting up tip-pooling arrangements under which tipped employees can share

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Preventing Harassment through Workplace Culture & Practices

By Angi Shamblin, Associated Industries   How does one go about creating a culture that discourages harassment and discrimination and encourages respectful, positive work relationships? As with any relationship, the

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Ignorance is not bliss: Proactive Approaches to Address Sex-based Harassment

By Catharine Morisset & Meg Burnham, Fisher Phillips   Over the past 20 years, sex-based workplace discrimination charges have been one of the most common employee-asserted claims before the federal

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Weekly Update: Friday Marks the Session’s First Legislative Cutoff

Friday Marks the Session’s First Legislative Cutoff Friday is an important day on the legislative calendar – it is the first cutoff date of the session. This means that bills


Hourly and Salaried Overtime

New Overtime Rule Struck Down in Court In Sept. 2017, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant struck down a new rule for overtime pay, saying the Labor Department set an excessively

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Hazard Communication Rule

What is the Hazard Communication rule? The Hazard Communication rule requires you — the employer — to inform and train your employees about hazardous chemicals in your workplace. Note: Washington


Minimum Wage

There are currently five minimum wages in Washington state:   State Minimum Wage Due to the passage of Initiative 1433, in Nov. 2016, the state minimum wage: Increased to $11


Paid Sick Leave

Background Information In Nov. 2016, Initiative 1433 was passed by Washington voters and has been included in Chapter 49.46 RCW Minimum Wage Requirements and Labor Standards. Initiative 1433 incrementally increases the minimum


Playing Music in Your Business

If you wish to play any music in your establishment—whether it’s recorded background music, live music, a juke box, or a disc jockey—you must have a license. As the business owner,


Pregnancy Accommodation

In 2017, the Legislature passed a new law providing specific civil rights protections for pregnant employees. If a pregnant employee works for an employer with 15 employees or more, she