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Weekly Update: Ban the Box Takes Effect Today – What It Means for Employers

Ban the Box Takes Effect Today – What It Means for Employers Employers take notice: Starting today, a new law designed to help people with criminal convictions find employment and


Keg Sales

Any licensee who sells beer for off-premises consumption in kegs or other containers holding four or more gallons of beer must: Require the purchaser to provide at least one piece


Tavern License

TAVERN LICENSEES ARE ALLOWED TO: Serve beer by the bottle or can or by tap for on-premises consumption. Serve wine for on-premises consumption. Sell beer and/or wine in the original,


What You Can Sell

BEER AND/OR WINE RESTAURANT LICENSEES MAY SELL: Beer and wine by the opened bottle or can or by tap for on-premises consumption. Beer and wine in the original, unopened containers


Sports, Entertainment, NonProfit

SPORTS/ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY LICENSE A sports/entertainment facility license is a spirits, beer, and wine license for arenas, coliseums, stadiums, or other facilities where sporting, entertainment and special events are presented. (WAC


Spirits, Beer and Wine

FLOOR SPACE BARRIERS Licensees must place identifiable barriers around areas that are restricted from persons under 21 years of age. These barriers must be at least 42 inches high, and



Motel License A motel license allows a motel to: Sell liquor in locked honor bars in no more than one-half of its guest rooms, provided that: Rooms are rented to


Catering License

There shall be a caterer’s license to sell spirits, beer, and wine, by the individual serving, at retail, for consumption on the premises at an event location that is either


Increasing Bar Revenues

Increasing Bar Revenues One Step at a Time By Robert Plotkin It’s hard to imagine there’s a restaurant or bar owner who would suggest his or her business wouldn’t greatly


Caterer’s License

In 2014, the Washington State Legislature created a caterer’s license. The following rules became effective on Jan. 3, 2015: What is a caterer’s license? (1) A caterer’s license allows the


Caterer’s Endorsement

Spirits, beer and wine restaurants; beer and/or wine restaurants; and sports/entertainment facilities can apply for a caterer’s endorsement. This endorsement allows you to remove the types of alcohol that you

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Mobile apps simplifying restaurant and bar staff duties

Placing food and bar orders though suppliers has traditionally been a manual process that involved going though old paperwork and placing orders over the phone or through a sales representative.

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Weekly Update: Seattle City Council general election ballots have dropped! Voting deadline is November 3

This November, every Seattle City Council seat is up for election. Ballots dropped on October 13, and the general election will be held on November 3.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Self-serve beer concept makes a big splash

Self-serve soda machines have been a fixture of quick service restaurants for many years. Now, the self-serve concept has come to beer.


Don’t miss the WRA’s Liquor Summit

Your Government Affairs team needs YOU for input and direction on alcohol beverage regulation in Washington. Whether you are microbrewery, restaurant, hotel or tavern, we need your thoughts. Our meeting