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Protect your business when hiring independent contractors

The general contractor was not set up to do business in Washington and hired

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Focus your training on understanding

It seems like our training is not as effective as it should be. How do I make my training investment pay off?

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NEW RULES! New Health Insurance Exchange (Marketplace) Notices

The Exchange Notice provides employees with certain information related to the new Exchanges (also called Marketplaces) which are expected to begin operating next year. Following a delay in the original

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How to Cut Someone Off and Avoid Losing Your Guest

by David Faro, Communications Manager One of the most delicate situations that a restaurant manager is forced to navigate is when a guest has consumed too much alcohol.  Once the

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Feds issue new I-9 form

The federal government issued a new I-9 form March 7 — and while the new form is available for immediate use, employers have a 60-day grace period to begin using it, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services . The new form will be required for new hires starting May 8, 2013, USCIS said.

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Teen hiring guidelines explained

For Washington restaurants seeking to hire workers under the age of 18, there are several important details to understand first.

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Identifying and hiring people who possess the ‘hospitality gene’

Sixty-seven operators rated their service a “9” or better. All but one of those said they screened for specific personality and customer service attributes during the selection process.

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Restaurant owners can help employees develop career paths

Individual attention from employers can encourage workers to think about long-term goals and motivate them to step up their performance. That’s why mentoring is so important in the restaurant industry.

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Your hidden source for the employee talent of tomorrow, right now

Years ago as a restaurant owner, I experienced the challenges of working with teens under the age of 18. I once had a banquet on a Thursday night, and a 17-year-old prep cook happened to be on the clock past midnight. Another employee tuned me into L&I for the infraction.

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Restaurant industry concerned about new EEOC restrictions on background checks

Despite a letter from the restaurant industry and nearly 50 other organizations requesting an opportunity for additional input, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week issued new guidance that could change employers’ ability to use criminal-background checks in hiring.

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Improved workplace communication leads to lower turnover

If your foodservice business isn’t saying “hello” to mobile communication strategies, your best employees will be saying “goodbye” before you know it. Creating dynamic workplace collaboration often can seem like a lofty goal instead of a priority…

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Tips for management success: How to get your team on board

What’s up for your operation this year? A new POS system? New features? Better organization? Streamlined service checkpoints? Whatever you’ve determined needs a change this year, congratulations! As we all know, change is more than inevitable, it’s critical.

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Tips to communicate with your employees

Have you ever heard the saying there is no such thing as over-communication? In today’s workplace many of us would say otherwise. I’ve been to a few back-to-back meetings that

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Make a life not just a living — finding your purpose at work

Are you making the most of your team? A recent Gallup Study on employee engagement said that 71% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs, and only 29% are said to be engaged in their job! Engage your team and improve your company.

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Employee screening practices under scrutiny

Recently the Equal Employment Opportunity Council (EEOC) has scrutinized two of the standard screening practices used by many employers: credit checks and criminal background checks.