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How Shawn Roten lost his Lodge Sports Grilles

Shawn Roten built his restaurant chain from scratch, one hand-made bar at a time. Last month, he lost it all. (Puget Sound Business Journal)

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Bibimbap mixes up on-trend Korean flavors

Bibimbap hits three trends that are popular right now: Korean flavors, meals served in bowls and customization. The rice bowl is mixed with a range of vegetables, beef, gochujang and soy sauce. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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What Hotels Must Do To Survive In The Future

Hotels have to keep up. They’re facing fierce competition from Airbnb, and a slew of similar competitors, who have all made us believe that anyone with a spare room can compete with their services. (Forbes)

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What’s next for fast casuals?

After years of glowing coverage, the news out of the fast casual segment has been pretty bleak lately. Sales are slowing, units are shuttering, brands are folding and the concept that all fast casuals were once measured against – Chipotle – continues to struggle. (SmartBrief)

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Restaurants to feel hurricane impact long after the storm is over

FEMA estimates that about 40 percent of small businesses will never reopen after a disaster. Houston restaurant owner Brian Fasthoff told CNBC there are four or five restaurants in the downtown area that he expects will never open again after major flooding and property damage. (CNBC)

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Stars of the Industry Awards (Deadline September 22)

Stars of the Industry Awards have a long and hallowed tradition at both the national level through the American Hotel & Lodging Association and here in Washington State, where we

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Hospitality Graduate Degree (Why?)

Dr. Don Martin, Ph.D Despite the professional success of many who did not earn a college diploma, it is becoming clear that earning an education matters. In addition, an undergraduate degree

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Airbnb is hoping business travelers will forgo hotels

It’s well known that vacationers can rent a room — or a whole home — on Airbnb. But the company, one of the giants of the sharing economy, is dedicating attentions to another sort: business travelers. (CNBC)

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Bothell Chef Responds Perfectly to Customer Complaining About $14 Burger

We’ve all been there. We see an item listed on a restaurant menu and wonder how in heaven’s name it can charge that much for a hamburger. (Seattle Magazine)

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Location: A key to success

Any outdoorsman will tell you to choose your campsite wisely. For any entrepreneur bold enough to open a restaurant, bar or retail beverage shop, there is no more pressing challenge than where to pound down the stakes and set up shop. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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In the Baja Sol closure, a sign of things to come

Last week, Minneapolis-based Baja Sol Tortilla Grill shut the doors of all seven of its units with no public announcement and little, if any, notice. Signs on the chain’s location in suburban Minneapolis simply said the location was “closed through Labor Day.” (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Interview: Designing for Millennials and the Future of Hotels

Toronto- and New York City-based designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have designed properties for some of the biggest names in hospitality for nearly 40 years. Their clients and brands include Ian Schrager, the Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, and the St. Regis, among them. (Skift)

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Can smaller menus save bar and grill chains?

Last week, Chili’s announced its official plans to take a chainsaw to its menu. As my colleague Ron Ruggless reported, the bar and grill chain is cutting 40 percent from its menu, taking it from 125 items to 75, with a focus on burgers and fajitas. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Restaurants face long recovery from Irma

Investors sent stocks higher on Wall Street Monday, cheering a belief that Hurricane Irma didn’t have quite the devastating impact on Florida that many people feared when they went home for the weekend on Friday. That includes restaurant stocks, which rose more than 1 percent Monday afternoon, according to the NRN Restaurant Index. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Promote your restaurant’s dedication to food safety

To successfully execute food safety measures and develop a culture of food safety in your restaurant, your entire team must diligently participate. One mistake, such as using a contaminated utensil to handle ready-to-eat food, can lead to foodborne illness and a tarnished business reputation. (National Restaurant Association)