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Prepping produce? Try our 5 safety tips

As National Food Safety Month continues, we’re focusing on safe food preparation, with particular emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables.

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8 tips to properly thaw and hold food

In recognition of National Food Safety Month, we’re offering tips to maintain food quality and limit the potential for pathogen growth.

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Health care built for restaurants

When open enrollment season for health care programs looms over employers, many look for new ways to save money while providing the best insurance products for their business and employees.

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Use the five R’s to increase menu profitability

This time of year we evaluate our menu for changes. In the past, we’ve done this on emotion rather than data. Where should we start our analysis?

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Improve performance with results focused training

As we begin hiring for our busier season, we are re-examining our training practices. In the past, it seems like we were constantly chasing our tails as business rapidly improves. I’d like this year to be better than years past. What needs to change to improve performance?

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Overtime pay proposal could have big impact on restaurants

Policies have consequences. In the case of President Barack Obama’s June 29 proposal for new overtime rules, the impact on restaurants could be enormous.

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Allergy-friendly practices to protect guests and increase your business

Accommodating customers with food allergies is no small task. More than 250 food allergens have been identified, and 15 million Americans diagnosed with food allergies look to dine where they feel safe.

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Restaurant industry continues to push for ACA changes

Friday’s Supreme Court decision upholding a major element of the Affordable Care Act ensures that the ACA remains the law of the land — but it doesn’t take away from the need for Congress to make reasonable, common-sense changes to the law, the National Restaurant Association said.

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The restaurateur’s guide to immigration rules

I-9 forms. E-Verify. Visa rules. The web of immigration laws and regulations can be overwhelming, and the smallest slip-up can lead to steep fines and penalties.

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Hospitality: The secret ingredient for restaurant success

Hospitality is front and center in the restaurant industry – or at least it should be.

Health Care Reform

Getting ACA Compliant for 2016

Health insurance for hospitality: The H.I.H.I.T. program is a way for association members to purchase medical and dental insurance plans designed specifically for the hospitality industry and their employees.

Health Care Reform

Is the ACA Driving You Crazy?

If you’re an employer in the hospitality industry who’s ripping their hair out over the Affordable Care Act, then HIHIT may be the answer to all your health insurance problems.

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Back-of-the-house’s important role in creating hospitality

Hospitality is the guiding force of the front-of-house. Whether it’s the hosts, servers, bartenders and/or bussers you see bustling about a full-service restaurant or the person at the counter and those keeping the dining area clean in quick service, these are the people responsible for projecting the value hospitality adds to the experience of the restaurant guest. Right?

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Are You Ready for 2016? HIHIT Can Help

Are you having trouble finding group insurance plans that fit your needs as a hospitality employer? H.I.H.I.T. specializes in providing health insurance to restaurant and hotel employers.

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HIHIT: Meeting Restaurants’ Insurance Needs

HIHIT: Insurance plans managed by people who know the restaurant industry and tailored to provide you with the flexibility you need to succeed.