Since dining and lodging are two of society’s oldest types of businesses, the industry can be hesitant to embrace new technology. In reality, the seemingly straightforward concepts of preparing a meal or offering a room  could benefit immensely from technological advancements that can help operators increase their efficiency in the face of shrinking profit margins and workforce struggles.  

This regularly updated toolkit features resources for hospitality operators who want to learn more about the opportunities available to them in the tech world. Here you can find general articles about exciting new technology and helpful guides for navigating existing ones. 

Hotels stand to benefit greatly from technological advancements. In the last 20 years, the industry has been transformed by online booking sites but beyond that, hoteliers are coming up with their own unique innovations to improve operations. Learn about some of them here.  

[toggles title=”Tech resources for hotels”]How hotels and restaurants can use VR in training

Hoteliers key in on functional, energy-saving tech

Melia brings wearable tech for payments to their resorts

How to list register your property on hotel booking sites 

Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz, Priceline and Kayak  


Trivago  [/toggles]

Restaurateurs have been an unlikely leader in many areas of tech. Leading the way are concepts like scheduling kiosks, online ordering apps and even robotic waitstaff. Check back here for more additions to this collection highlighting the exciting progress restaurants across the nation are making in the technology world.

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Tech trends driving changes in restaurants  

Changing the restaurant game with tabletop technology  

Washington’s rules on personal delivery robots 

McDonald’s embrace of new tech keeps up with the changing times


[toggles title=”General articles:”]How the industry is changing what it means to be hospitable

Hospitality businesses investing in tech to increase customer engagement  [/toggles]

[toggles title=”Innovation for all”]Third party delivery: pros, cons, strategies.

How to streamline the customer digital experience

For the best kiosk customer experience, don’t remove the human touch

Isolated workers and panic buttons: How you can stay in compliance [/toggles]


Our resources  

The association’s Advisory Network is full of experts who can help you better understand and innovate in the tech space. Additionally, the Washington Hospitality Association employs some tech of their own by ensuring that we communicate to you using the latest methods like webinars and podcasts. Learn about the ways you can get your information virtually  and see some of the great programs our partners offer to help businesses that want to innovate.  

Learn more about the Washington Hospitality Association Advisory Network  

How your communications team allows you to access vital news and information 

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Streamlining solutions with cost-free technology  

Mobile online ordering: Build sales and customer loyalty with one click 

Third party delivery pitfalls  


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How contactless payments are good for your bottom line 

Wearable payments 

[Webinar replay] How to develop crisis-proof labor strategies in a transformed restaurant industry 

Radio connectivity issues  

Elavon and 3D secure 

Securing your front end 

Safeguarding sales in the event of a disconnect 

What to do about Chargebacks