Bed Bugs: Learn What To Do

Bed Bugs: Learn What To Do

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has long been a pest. Although these bugs are called “bed bugs” they are not exclusively found in beds. They travel on people. People can pick up the bugs while traveling, in a dressing room, on an airline and any other places the bugs burrow and stay dormant for a period of time.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers bed bugs a public health pest. However, unlike most public health pests, bed bugs are not known to transmit or spread disease.

Our members should be vigilant and take every precaution to protect guests from bed bugs. Hotel housekeepers and staff should be trained to regularly do spot checks. There are many resources for training staff like the Bed Bug Toolkit provided by EcoLab.

The EPA also has many helpful resources to learn about how to handle bed bugs. See them here.

Bed bugs can become a problem for any size hotel, and despite the clientele. Business travelers can carry the bugs just as easily as family’s or budget travels. They can happen anywhere. It is not about the cleanliness of the hotel or bed.

There is no quick fix for eradication. There are both chemical and non-chemical approaches are available and a combination of both is most useful. The EPA has extensive tips for how to eradicate the bugs from your establishment. You can see them here.

Hotels and motels that suspect an infestation are advised to take the suspected room out of service until bed bugs have been eliminated or inspection reveals that the initial report was incorrect. A facility should also shut down the surrounding rooms, and the rooms on the floors above and below, until they have all been treated. Then the staff should test and re-test days the rooms days and weeks after.

To date, the State doesn’t have a protocol for closing hotels or motels that have bed bugs or classification for them as a public safety issue. This is because, unlike black mold for example, it isn’t solely the purview of the hotel as it is brought in by the guests and visitors can continue to bring in the pests.

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