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Summary of Tip Laws

Tips are any gratuitous payment made by a customer to one who serves the customer. They include cash tips, credit or debit card tips, or tips by check. If an

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Changes to Tips and Service Charges – Examples

With the increase in minimum wage, and the discrepancy this can cause for back of the house employees, many Washington restaurants have moved to a service charge model. Here are some examples

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Ask Your Advisory Network – Tip Income

QUESTION: Do I (as an employer) have a responsibility to let my employees know to report tip income, including cash tips? Most of the time, cash tips are not being

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Seattle Minimum Wage

Disclaimer – You are reading archive content on minimum wage. For the most current information, visit: https://wahospitality.org/resources/minimum-wage-resources/ On June 2, 2014 the Seattle City Council voted to implement a city ordinance


Lessons in No-Tipping

Some restaurants are switching from tipping to higher overall costs. Others are moving toward service charges instead of tips. Some have even tried service charges and gone back to tipping.

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Service Charges

Federal law defines service charges as a compulsory charge for service. In contrast to service charges, guests decide whether to give tips, how much to give and who to give it them to, subject to a tip pool.


The Rules of Gratuities (Tips)

Retail sales tax and retailing B&O tax do not apply to tips or gratuities received under circumstances that are clearly voluntary. However, if a gratuity is added to the check,


Tip Reporting Alternative Commitment (TRAC)

Disclaimer – You are reading archive content on tip pooling. For the most current information, visit: https://wahospitality.org/tip-pooling/ Requirements for Tip Reporting Alternative Commitment (TRAC) 1. Educate employees about tip reporting.

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Tip Pooling: How the Ninth Circuit ruling may affect your restaurant

In my previous article, I gave a brief overview of the recent Ninth Circuit ruling, in which the court held that federal regulations concerning tips, and who may be included in a mandatory tip pool, are valid. As explained in that article, it is likely the plaintiffs in that lawsuit (including WRA) will ask the court to review that ruling.

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Tip Pooling: A brief overview of the Ninth Circuit ruling

I am one of the attorneys of record in the WRA’s lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). I also spent several years as in-house counsel for a national restaurant company, and have a number of restaurant clients.

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Ninth Circuit court decision upholds Department of Labor tip pool rules: What this means for your restaurant

In an unexpected decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, on Tuesday, February 23, ruled that the Department of Labor has the authority to regulate the tip-pooling practices of employers who do not take a tip credit, including prohibiting these employers from instituting tip pooling programs that include back-of-the-house staff, management, and other workers who are not customarily tipped.

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Seven buzzes for full-service restaurants

As you’re aware, Washington has the highest statewide minimum wage in America; it’s outpaced the national average for years—with no tip credit.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Legislature now in session for 2016

This week the 2016 legislative session began. This year’s session is a short session scheduled to last only 60 days instead of 105.

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Seattle Minimum Wage Guide: Crash Course

Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re finishing off our “Minimum Wage Survival Guide” series with a bare-bones guide of all the most important points we’ve covered so far.

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Weekly Update: Hospitality industry alert! New initiative could ultimately have impact nationwide

A ballot initiative petition has been filed, in Massachusetts, that would require any fast food restaurant or retail store making changes, cancellations, additions or reductions to the schedule of an employee within 14 days of a scheduled shift to pay not less than one additional hour and no more than four additional hours in addition to wages earned for hours worked.