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ServSafe® Allergens

More than 45 million Americans suffer from food allergy and sensitivity related illnesses, and each year that number increases significantly. Plenty of your customers are included in that figure, and


Person In Charge (PIC)

Every permitted food establishment must have a designated person in charge (PIC) on the premises during all operating hours. The PIC will be required to: Have food safety knowledge, Take


Being Gluten-Free Inclusive

Delicious, Easy and In-Demand What More Reason Do You Need to Offer Gluten-Free Options? As more Americans are prescribed a gluten-free diet for their medical conditions, the demand for glutenfree

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5 food safety tips for Thanksgiving

Cross contamination can happen at almost any point in the flow of food. From preparation to service, it’s important to know when and how that can happen so you can prevent it.

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Be proactive with restaurant pest management

Maintaining a clean, pest-free environment is an ongoing task for restaurant owners and operators. Chris Del Rossi, founder of Food and Drug and the Bug integrated pest management company and a speaker at the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Quality Assurance Executive Study Group meeting, says, “Pests act as paintbrushes.

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Prepping produce? Try our 5 safety tips

As National Food Safety Month continues, we’re focusing on safe food preparation, with particular emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables.

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8 tips to properly thaw and hold food

In recognition of National Food Safety Month, we’re offering tips to maintain food quality and limit the potential for pathogen growth.

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5 tips to ensure safe food deliveries

As National Food Safety Month kicks off, we’re offering tips to ensure your food isn’t just tasty, but also safe to eat.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: What you need to know about Salmonella

Since May, more than 134 Salmonella cases have been identified in 10 Washington counties.

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National Food Safety Month Highlights Restaurant Industry Best Practices

To spotlight the restaurant industry’s ongoing commitment to food safety, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) today announced this year’s National Food Safety Month (NFSM) theme will be “Let it Flow,” focusing on the flow of food through a restaurant.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Salmonella outbreak hits Washington – be prepared

“Salmonella” is a word no one in the foodservice industry wants to hear. Unfortunately, Washington state is dealing with an outbreak of this food borne bacteria. So far, there have been 134 Salmonella cases in 10 Washington counties.

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Allergy-friendly practices to protect guests and increase your business

Accommodating customers with food allergies is no small task. More than 250 food allergens have been identified, and 15 million Americans diagnosed with food allergies look to dine where they feel safe.


Where is allergen training headed legally?

Studies indicate that half the fatal episodes from food allergens occur outside the home. Are you prepared? click here for ServeSafe WRA allergy training opportunities. The approach to food allergen

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ServSafe Program Highlights Importance of Food Safety and Handling as part of World Health Day 2015

The ServSafe food safety training program is highlighting the importance of food safety during this year’s World Health Day on Tuesday, April 7th.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Survey respondents weigh in on restaurant health grading systems

A, B, C, D; 0 to 100; or green, yellow or red, it means the same thing. Restaurant grading systems, based on health inspection scores, are proliferating.