[Toolkit] Supply Chain

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The Washington Hospitality Supply Chain Toolkit is a regularly updated toolkit that includes stories from the Washington Hospitality Association as well as relevant stories from other news sources about the supply chain. It is a one-stop -shop for Pacific Northwest restaurants, hotels, caterers and other foodservice establishments in need of expert advice, opinion and information about the supply chain.

Featured articles from the Washington Hospitality Association

2/17/22 The PNW supply chain

2/10/22 Shortages and the supply chain: what’s next

1/27/22 Supply chain: 2022 outlook

(November 2021) State of the supply chain (full story) 

(July 2021) Notes from our restaurant roundtable 


These resources, while not directly related to the hospitality industry, are an interesting read for those interested in learning more about the current situation facing the global supply chain.