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WA Hospitality introduced the Retrospective Rating program (Retro) to the Washington restaurant industry in 1986. Since then, WA Hospitality’s Retro has grown to be the fifth largest Retro program in the state, helping numerous member participants to realize savings on their workers’ compensation premiums.

Available to Washington Hospitality Association members only.


Cost reduction strategies

Comprehensive safety training

Mock Safety Inspection/Prevention


Our most asked for resources are below. Click on either the icon or text to download.

Accident Prevention Program (APP) Sample

Washington Hospitality has a custom APP developed specifically for hospitality businesses. Contact the Retro Team to learn more.

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Fax it to the Washington Hospitality Association, attention: Retro Department, at 360-357-9232.

Our team will contact you to discuss enrollment and participation status.

*Retro is administered for members through the WA Hospitality subsidiary, MSC. Some Retro services are provided through contracted services with ERNWest. The WA Hospitality Association cannot guarantee individual L&I refunds, but has successfully issued refunds every year since inception.

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Jessica Keller
RETRO Executive Accounts Manager


Victoria Montrose
RETRO Program Director