Employment Screening

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ACRAnet customizes services to match the best practices and needs of it’s clients in relation to levels of risk and budget considerations. The company’s signature three-layer background screening process protects clients from potential civil litigation that can result from:

  • Over-Reporting: Many background screening companies subscribe to online automated criminal database searches that are hastily done and delivered without verification. Far too often, a “fact” returned about an applicant/employee relates to another individual sharing the same name.
  • Under-Reporting: Automated searches rely on a perfect match of name and birth date, information that is often inaccurate. This results in returns that are not complete for the applicant/employee being screened.

ACRAnet uses a combination of methods by searching public records and private databases for both the given name and for close matches. The same is done for birth dates. Returns are verified through multiple means, such as address history and social security number. Up to three last names are reviewed at no additional charge.

In addition to criminal searches, ACRAnet provides a full range of employment screening services, including:

  • Credit reports
  • Reference checks
  • Professional license verification
  • HHS Inspector General
  • GSA list searches
  • International information searches
  • ….and more

Washington Hospitality Association member pricing

Exclusive Membership Background Check – $19 per check 

  • Multi-state national background search
  • Statewide criminal background search
  • National sex offender search
  • OFAC alert list / FBI Most Wanted list
  • Social Security verification, name and address history

Peer report – $15 per report

  • Credit report with no credit score, results are instant

Motor vehicle report (MVR)

  • Washington State MVR – $16
  • Oregon MVR – $9
  • Idao MVR – $12

Custom packages are also available.

To set up your account or for more information on how ACRAnet can meet your needs, contact: Jacquie Brownell | (800) 304.1249 x1241



ACRAnet is a consumer reporting agency. ACRAnet exercises critical responsibility with fairness, impartiality and a respect for the consumer’s right to privacy within full compliance of the governing industry standards, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).