Claims Prevention Solutions

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Washington Hospitality Association Retro has partnered with a select number of vetted companies in an effort to help our participants prevent future workers’ comp claims and reduce the cost of existing claims with proactive solutions targeting the high-risk areas of our industry.

ushw-mg-tag_dh_logoU.S. Healthworks locations provide great care to your injured workers and understands the workers’ compensation system, as well as its impact on your company’s financial health. They believe in case compression: something that can be cured in three weeks should not take eight weeks to heal. U.S. HealthWorks is a COHE approved medical provider and the largest occupational medicine group in Washington (15 centers in Puget Sound, 3 in Spokane).

To take advantage of this resource: Download the U.S. HealthWorks free mobile device app to find the closest location to your restaurant(s) and visit

For more information, posters, or to create your account, please email Ryan Schall or call him at 206.445.8835.

Click for US Healthworks location finder app

For a printable PDF Washington US Healthworks locations:

USHW Poster for First Aid Stations-Puget Sound (printable)

USHW Poster for First Aid Stations-Spokane (printable)