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In today’s environment food safety awareness is as heightened as ever. Setting a culture and standard of excellence in your restaurant is just good business. And, we are committed to helping you reach that standard. We regularly schedule ServSafe training classes for restaurateurs throughout Washington.

For our schedule of classes and to register online check out our class schedule.

Our classes
Member price: $145*
Non-member price: $215*

* Cost is subject to change

Why ServSafe?
ServSafe® delivers high-quality training options for every manager. From the classroom to online, and in a variety of languages, this is your food safety training and certification solution.

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is nationally recognized and accredited. To date, more than 3 million ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certifications have been awarded.

ServSafe brings together current best practices in advanced food safety, as well as current best practices for instruction to meet our industry’s changing needs. Students stay engaged in current state health code regulations and learn how to demonstrate knowledge of foodborne disease prevention, application of HACCP principles, and the requirements of the Washington State Food Code to the regulatory authority.

What you learn
ServSafe gives managers the knowledge and tools to understand food safety and how to share their food safety knowledge with their employees. Some of the concepts managers will understand with ServSafe training include:

  • Sanitation
  • The flow of food through the operation
  • Sanitary Facilities and Pest Management