About the Education Foundation

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The WA Hospitality Education Foundation bridges solutions for the growth of the hospitality industry through training and education.

Meeting the educational needs of the hospitality industry

We sponsor ongoing training featuring topics specifically tailored to restaurants. Our programs include advanced food safety, alcohol server and more. The WA Hospitality EF hosts several regularly scheduled courses  every month, but can host a class in any city in the state of Washington upon request.

Introducing talented people to amazing careers


We play an integral role in the future of our industry. In tandem with the National Restaurant Association we have developed and support culinary arts and hospitality management training in 50 high schools in Washington through ProStart.

ProStart®, a nationally accredited restaurant school-to-career program, is designed for high school juniors and seniors. ProStart prepares students for careers through academic and workplace experience. Students classroom experience is combined with paid internships with industry professionals. Learn more about ProStart.

We are truly training tomorrow’s workforce today.