Federal and Washington Labor Law Posters

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Answers to questions about required workplace posters

Required L&I Posters

Employment Security Department

Equal Employment Opportunity Commisson

Department of Labor

Online guide, helpful websites and numbers

Office of Regulatory Assistance: www.ora.wa.gov 1-800-917-0043

Small Business Guide, www.BizGuide.wa.gov

Business Licensing Service: www.bls.dor.wa.gov 1-800-451-7985

Washington’s Website For Businesses: www.Business.wa.gov

Department of Labor & Industries: www.Lni.wa.gov

  • Small business liaison, 1-800-987-0145
  • Agency information and assistance, 1-800-547-8367
  • Contractor registration, 1-800-647-0982
  • Employment standards/workplace rights, 1-866-219-7321
  • Workplace safety and health, 1-800-423-7233

Employment Security Department: www.esd.wa.gov

  • Small business liaison, 360-902-9373
  • Employer helpline (24 hours), 1-888-836-1900
  • Employer benefit adjudication, 1-877-504-5607
  • Shared Work Program, 1-800-752-2500
  • Labor market information, 1-800-215-1617