HERO Manual Updates

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As a member of the Washington Hospitality Association, you are demonstrating a commitment to your business and to the future of Washington’s food service industry. Your membership strengthens our ability to fight for your interests and enables us to bring you great business tools such as this HERO Manual.

About the HERO Manual & HERO updates

The HERO manual—your Handbook for Excellent Restaurant Operations—is an invaluable tool for running your restaurant. It contains information, supplies, and opportunities to promote, protect and improve your business. And as your business grows, we hope this manual grows with you.

The Washington Hospitality Association wants to maximize your success as a restaurant operator. To this end, the Association wants to make sure members are provided updated information on a regular basis.

To get a copy of the most recent HERO, follow the link below to download the most recent PDF:

Hero Manual 2018 – Updated March 2018