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HEROmanual3dThe Washington Hospitality Association has worked long and hard to be the hero of Washington’s restaurant industry. We seek to champion your interests in the political arena, and be your guide through the laws and regulations that can make running a restaurant complex. To this end, we have produced the HERO manual – your Handbook for Excellent Restaurant Operations, and we hope it becomes as invaluable to running your restaurant as the Washington Hospitality Association.

HERO is available in print or electronic versions; updates are made available once a year.

HERO is for all operations, large and small. The Washington Hospitality Association HERO manual (Handbook for Excellent Restaurant Operations), while valued at $395, is an exclusive free member benefit as our way of saying thank you for being part of a dynamic voice for the industry. Should you have questions about the HERO manual, (hard copy or electronic version), please contact your Area Coordinator.


While we are brand new to the Washington Hospitality Association we have already received value for our membership investment. As a not-for-profit organization operating a very busy community kitchen, our success is tied to our network of professionals in the restaurant, food service and hospitality industries. The Association has helped us build the network critical to our success.

Another major benefit has been staff support from the Washington Hospitality Association. I’m a newcomer to our service area and I have found the staff to be invaluable in directing me to sources of help and support. The “HERO” handbook has been a great addition to our management library and an excellent knowledge base for day to day food service operations.

I’m a fan!

Jerry J. Shackette, Program Coordinator
Hunger to Hope / Friendship House Cafe

Current Washington Hospitality Association members! You may view and/or download the latest version of the HERO Manual from this page (login required): Hero Manual 2018