Employment in Washington

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The WRA team tracks employment trends through a number of agencies, such as Employment Security, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Restaurant Association.  As the largest private employer, Washington restaurants employ on average over 218,000.  With that said, the industry is still largely small businesses with 83% of Washington’s restaurants employing 20 or fewer employees.

Monthly, the WRA team along with Employment Security track monthly and annual employment trends.  The most recent results available are for December 2014 with total employment at 221,000. This is an increase of 6,400 over December 2013.

Some other facts related to Washington’s employment picture:

  • One out of every 34 people in the state of Washington is a foodservice employee.
  • Washington employs 3 fewer employees per unit than the national average.

WRA tracks additional data points related to employment such as the trends on teen labor and front of the house versus back of the house comparisons have been highlighted in our megatrends editions of the Washington Restaurant Magazine.

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