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What does the average Washington Restaurant Worker look like?  According to the recent American Consumer Survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 35.5% are under the age of 25.  24% are enrolled in school and 80% live in a 2+ income household.  Our workforce is dynamic and diverse.

  1. One-half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point during their lives, and one out of three got their fi rst job experience in a restaurant.
  2.  Nine in 10 restaurant owners say their first job in the restaurant industry was an entry-level position.
  3.  Nine in 10 salaried restaurant employees started as hourly workers.

Teen labor -The foodservice industry use to be the go-to entry level job for teens, providing both experience and instilling a work ethic.  According to Washington state’s Employment Security Department data, there has been a 43.6% drop in teens employed in the restaurants from 2008 to 2013, compared to 40.8% all industries.

teen labor 2008 to 2013

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