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Employers can expect to save approximately 8% of every dollar spent pretax by their employees.

Through Alice, there are no setup fees, maintenance fees, or out-of-pocket costs to your business. Alice earns half of what you save on payroll taxes each pay period and is always free for employees.

Check with your CPA on potential corporate tax implications.

Seattle commuter benefits white paper

Eligible expenses include any mass transit pass, token, fare card, or voucher for getting to and from work, including: Subway, Bus, Ferry, Streetcar, Light rail, Train and Vanpool.

The Seattle ordinance does not require that employers provide a parking subsidy or pre-tax deduction. Still, eligible parking expenses like for parking a vehicle near your place of work can be paid for with pre-tax income dollars. It can also be for expenses for parking at a location used to commute to work, such as a train station parking lot. Alice works for meters, garages and lots.

What is not eligible?

  • Highway tolls (EZ Pass, iPass, etc)
  • Fuel/gasoline expenses
  • Personal transportation or parking expenses not for getting to/from work
  • Expenses for traveling between work and business meetings
  • Transportation or parking expenses for spouses and dependents
  • Airline flights
  • Bicycle expenses, including bike sharing expenses
  • Scooter sharing expenses

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