WRITS: February

Washington restaurant operators reported same-store sales and traffic results similar to the national average
in February. Sixty-two percent of Washington respondents reported higher same-store sales in February,
while 24 percent reported a sales decline. On the national level, 63 percent of operators reported a sales
gain in February, while 18 percent reported lower sales.

Sales and Traffic
Same store sales Feb. 2012 vs Feb. 2011
Food Costs and Menu Pricing
Average food costs: Feb. 2012 vs Feb. 2011
Higher 62%
Lower 24%
About the same 14%
Higher 60%
Lower 16%
About the same 24%
Same store customer traffic Feb. 2012 vs Feb. 2011 Menu Pricing: Feb. 2012 vs Feb. 2011
Higher 53%
Lower 18%
About the same 29%
Higher 48%
Lower 2%
About the same 50%
Sales expectations in six months vs previous year Capital Spending: Made a capital expense in the past 3 months
Higher 47%
Lower 9%
About the same 45%
Yes 43%
No 57%
Employees and Hours
Number of Employees: Feb. 2012 vs Feb. 2011
Plan to make a capital expenditure in the next six months
Higher 12%
Lower 25%
About the same 63%
Yes 35%
No 65%
Employee Hours: Feb. 2012 vs Feb. 2011 General Business Conditions
Outlook for general business conditions for six months from now
Higher 30%
Lower 24%
About the same 46%
Better 34%
Worse 8%
About the same 58%
Staffing expectations in 6 months vs previous year
Higher 22%
Lower 10%
About the same 68%
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