WRA and coalition partners respond to I-1183 lawsuit


A lawsuit was filed this week in King County Superior Court by two labor unions, attempting to halt implementation of I-1183, based on the claim that the initiative “illegally” addresses more than one issue. Below is a response from the WRA and our coalition partners in on I-1183:

“We believe that the legal challenge to Initiative 1183 filed today by labor unions is without merit and will be turned back by the courts.  The Attorney General’s Office will defend the lawsuit.  The unions’ challenge is particularly disappointing in light of the fact that 59% of the voters supported the measure. The cornerstone of the lawsuit, an allegation that the voters didn’t understand the full implications of the initiative, is both insulting to Washington’s citizens and ironic in light of the millions spent by the plaintiffs and their special interest allies on opposing privatization.

“Many of the constituencies impacted by I-1183 have been working diligently on implementation of I-1183 with the Liquor Control Board.  We expect those efforts will continue so that voters will see their intentions fulfilled by June 1, 2012.  By this date, the reform of alcohol beverage law in Washington State should be effectively completed, and the public will benefit from new revenues for state and local governments.

“Initiative 1183 enjoys the support of the Washington Restaurant Association, Washington Retail Association, Northwest Grocery Association, Family Wineries of Washington State, the Association of Washington Business, dozens of chambers across the state, the Washington Roundtable, and more than 12,000 individuals and businesses that formally endorsed the initiative from across the state.”