Work Safe, Save Money

Work Safe, Save Money

Hospitality Workplace Safety Training

Owners and operators of hospitality organizations know they are responsible for having a safety program in their establishments. For many well-meaning managers, it ends there. After that there are only questions.

What are the requirements of a good program? How many safety meetings per year must an establishment have? What are good subjects for safety meetings? Do my employees know the best practices for a safe workplace? Where do I find inexpensive and comprehensive training materials to educate my employees and stay compliant?

The WRA Education Foundation has answers!

Over the last two years, The WRA Education Foundation has worked in collaboration with industry leaders, state agencies and owner-operators to create  The Hospitality Workplace Safety Training program.

This new resource will save hospitality establishments time and money while keeping WRA members up-to-date and in compliance with the latest safety rules and recommendations. It is also FREE for WRA Retro. participants.

(Explore membership: WRA | RETRO)

The Hospitality Workplace Safety Training program was designed specifically for the industry by the industry. Available online or in a manual with a companion DVD, this program will assist a hospitality establishment’s ongoing efforts to run a safe businesses by providing effective and efficient safety training for their employees.

To learn more about this exciting new program check out The Hospitality Workplace Safety Training website or attend an upcoming webinar.

It’s a FREE program developed by the WRA Education Foundation. Stay safe! Save money!

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