For more information, visit the Washington Hospitality Convention website.

The Washington Hospitality Convention will be here soon. Maybe you are still on the fence about going. There are many excuses for staying home, but we’re here to give you some reasons why you should attend the convention.

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Educational opportunities everywhere

At the convention, there will be ample opportunities to learn more about your business. The trade show features new products and services. There are restaurant- and lodging-specific breakout sessions and speaker events throughout the three days. You can learn about new food trends and HR solutions. Find inspiration from others and the solutions they use at their businesses.

New trends and suppliers in the industry

Meet the sponsors and the vendors at the trade show. Many vendors have new products to showcase and are looking forward to meeting you face to face. These new acquaintances can be great resources down the road.

Position yourself as an expert

If you have been in business a while, you have expertise. Many restaurateurs and hoteliers are new to the industry, and you can offer solutions for them and increase your reputation in the industry.

Renew your excitement for your business

Remember the first few months in your new position and the excitement you had? Stepping back from the daily grind and finding new tips for your business can help you reclaim those heady days when the possibilities for your business seemed endless.

Have fun

You can add a social aspect to your business. Find others with similar companies and create bonds over what your most significant challenges and your loftiest goals are. Take a moment to step back for a few days and return with renewed energy.