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Trouble ahead? 5 red flags to look for in your restaurant financial statements

New in the Hospitality Industry Survival Strategies HUB: How to read a P&L and obvious flashing red lights or warning signals when your business may be headed for trouble.



Make no BONES about it…Tip pooling: Tell DOL what you think

The Department of Labor is in the rulemaking phase of the proposed tip pool rule, and members are welcome to submit comments until Dec. 9.

For Washington state, DOL’s proposed tip pool rule simply reaffirms what Congress already decided (that you can tip pool with back-of-house staff), and the proposed rule would make it hard for a future administration to change it, according to Angelo Amador, senior vice President, legal advocacy and regulatory counsel with the National Restaurant Association.

SCARY you could miss this: The Hospitality Convention is here

It’s your last chance to pick up a ticket for the annual Washington Hospitality Convention! Join us Sunday for three days of education, networking and awards. It will be an unforgettable event.


Washington State Supreme Court dismisses appeal of decision invalidating I-124

A recent decision by the Washington State Supreme Court has invalidated Initiative 124, the Seattle law requiring health and safety provisions for hotel employees. The decision by the court eliminates potential enforcement actions for any alleged non-compliance with provisions of the initiative, which is now repealed. Click here for more information.

BOOS – Get your wine before it’s gone!

Join us at the Pathways Dinner on Monday evening at the Washington Hospitality Convention as we all make a mad dash for our bottle(s) of wine. Wine may be opened and enjoyed at your table. Only 40 bottles will be available at $20 each. All proceeds will go to the Education Foundation. Register for the Washington Hospitality Convention and grab your wine on Nov. 4.


Seattle: CREEPING it real…Building out your benefits plan

Consider this while you’re BURIED in traffic… Join us Nov. 13 as we dive into the Seattle Commuter Benefits ordinance. This special webinar is hosted jointly by Alice and the Washington Hospitality Association. Plus, learn how to turn the ordinance into a benefit your employees love. Register here!

Don’t be AFRAID…Health care shopping starts here

Looking for new health insurance options for your team? We have options for businesses of all sizes. Check them out here.

Human Trafficking Prevention Training

Use these codes to get your free online training at the BEST website.

  • Individual Staff Training Course (English): WAHospitality-staff
  • Individual Staff Training Course (Spanish): WAHospitality-span

  • Individual Manager Training Course and Group Training Course (English or Spanish): WAHospitality

Upcoming ServSafe Manager Classes

All classes are 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Spokane (Post Falls): Nov. 21 at Food Services of America Spokane

Registration Deadline: Nov. 7

Seattle (SODO): Dec. 3 at Bargreen Seattle

Registration Deadline: Nov. 19

Everett: Dec. 9 at Food Services of America Everett

Registration Deadline: Nov. 25

Tacoma: Dec. 10 at Bargreen Tacoma

Registration Deadline: Nov. 26

Kent: Dec. 17 at Harbor Food Service Kent (Previously known as Food Services of America Kent)

Registration Deadline: Dec. 3


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