[WIN] Liquor license fees delayed until March 2022

Gov. Jay Inslee on Sunday signed into law Senate Bill 5272 that delays liquor license payments until March 30, 2022. It takes effect April 1, 2021. This relief bill is expected to save our hospitality members $2,000 or more. Click here to learn how to take advantage of this benefit.

Get ready for spring with these resources

Are you ready for spring? We’ve got a handy checklist that can help you prepare your menu, set up outdoor dining, seek out tax credits and more. Click here.

[WIN] Hotel, motel license fee payments delayed until July 31

Officials of the Washington State Department of Health are providing financial relief to lodging members experiencing revenue loss because of the pandemic. The agency has extended its 35-day grace period for late-payments and eliminated late fees until July 31, 2021. Click here.

Statement on Washington’s next phase of vaccine eligibility

Washington Hospitality Association President & CEO Anthony Anton made a statement today on the absence of hospitality workers in Gov. Jay Inslee’s next phase of vaccination eligibility. Read it here.

Five ways to avoid fraudulent card authorization testing

Card authorization testing, or auth testing, is when fraudsters steal a credit card number and test it on an unsuspecting merchant to see if the transaction gets authorized. This activity can cost you thousands of dollars but there are ways to minimize your risk. Read more here.

Labor posters are still available

A free labor poster is included in every membership, and additional posters are still available for order for only $5. These posters should go up in every location you have, and all state and federal posters are included in this bundle. Click here and order your extras today.

What insurance coverage do you really need to operate?

No one knows the industry like we do. Our business insurance solution was specifically created with hospitality in mind. With insurance rates on the rise this year, we can help you identify which coverages you absolutely need to operate versus what’s nice to have. Learn more here.

Spokane Chapter townhall 

Curious about your Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board fees? Wondering what the other Washington is up to? Join Spokane Chapter Board Chair Derek Baziotis and Director of Local Government Affairs John Lane for critical updates ranging from local to federal. The meeting is at 3 p.m., March 11. Register here.

[Webinar] Why do you need HR automation?

Automation saves precious time by using technology to take on administrative tasks. You get your tasks done quicker and can get back to running your business. As we move into new phases and employees come back to work, HR automation will make their return that much easier. Register for our webinar at 10 a.m. on March 10 to learn more.

[Webinar replay] CEO Podcast now available to watch online

Did you miss this week’s CEO Podcast? That’s OK—you can watch it any time you want. This month, Washington Hospitality Association President and CEO Anthony Anton discussed upcoming grants for business owners, bills in the state legislature and what is coming this month in hospitality. You can watch the replay here.

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