Weekly Update: Paid Sick and Safe Leave Policy Amendment Put on Hold in Tacoma

Weekly Update: Paid Sick and Safe Leave Policy Amendment Put on Hold in Tacoma https://wahospitality.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/WashingtonHospitalityWeekly_WebsiteImage2016.jpg

Victory for Employers: Paid Sick and Safe Leave Policy Amendment Put on Hold in Tacoma

In November, Washington voters passed Initiative 1433, mandating paid sick and safe leave accrual for employees. When the initiative is implemented in January 2018, the City of Tacoma’s paid sick leave policy will no longer be relevant. The Tacoma City Council considered an amendment to the city’s policy that would align it with the state’s policy, which would have duplicated enforcement efforts. On Tuesday, August 15, the council voted to put the amendment on hold. This means business owners can focus on complying with the state-level regulation, instead of duplicate regulations. For more information, contact Morgan Huether.


Short-Term Rental Issue Gains Steam Throughout Washington

Short-term rental regulation has been a continual hot topic across the state. Without regulations to establish safety and business norms, these rentals can take business away from lodging establishments and can cause unnatural strain on housing markets. The Walla Walla City Council took its first step toward resolving these issues by approving an ordinance on owner-occupied short-term rentals. The ordinance requires owners to annually renew a lodging permit and safety inspection. The council has already started reviewing possible items for a non-owner occupied short-term rental ordinance. Meanwhile, the Vancouver City Council approved an ordinance loosening restrictions on accessory dwelling units that removes owner-occupancy and requirements as well as loosening design and size restrictions. The policy is meant to address rental units for long-term tenants but does not include language that excludes short-term rentals. For more information, contact Morgan Huether.

Washington Hospitality Works to Hold Down Tacoma Health Department Rate Increases

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is considering annual rate increases. In the past, these increases have been 3 to 6 percent. Your Washington Hospitality Association government affairs team has been involved in negotiations and hopes to keep increases manageable for members at all levels. Last year, the proposed increase was 8 percent but after negotiations, your government affairs team was able to keep increases at 3.9 to 5.5 percent.


L&I Rule-making to Include Public Hearings on State Minimum Wage, August 16-29

The Washington Hospitality Association has been participating in stakeholder meetings on Initiative 1433 (increasing the minimum wage to $13.50 per hour by 2020) since Jan. You can read our summary of the proposed rules here. Rule-making is the process that agencies use to create, and plan for the enforcement of, new laws. The legislature first sets broad policy mandates by passing bills, then agencies generate detailed regulations through rule-making. Public hearings are being held on L&I’s rule-making process for I-1433. The hearings are being held through August 29 in Spokane, Pasco and Everett. For more information on this topic, contact StephanieM@Wahospitality.org.



Support Education Foundation Through Golf FORE! Education Tournament, September 19

This year the Washington Hospitality Education Foundation has celebrated many wins for Association membership and local hospitality communities. Understanding that workforce development was a key issue for restaurants and hotels across the state, the Education Foundation facilitated hiring events that brought key public and private partners together to create over 300 filled job positions in the third quarter of 2017.  Additionally, the Education Foundation has provided more than $12, 000 in scholarships to hospitality students for post-secondary education in 2017.  Also, the Education Foundation continues to grow the state’s ProStart program in continuing efforts to develop our state’s future workforce.  As the school year approaches, you can support the Education Foundation by registering for the Golf FORE! Education Golf Tournament on September 19, at Washington National Golf Course.


Attention Hoteliers: Don’t Miss this Year’s Washington Lodging Convention!

The Washington Lodging Convention has rounded out its program with an A-list of speakers and trainers who will help hoteliers navigate the disruptive forces facing the industry. From Greg Duff’s training on distribution disrupters to Glenn Haussman’s keynote on reinventing service in the new hospitality climate, it’s a program you can’t afford to miss. Learn more about the lineup and register here.



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