2022 rate changes that affect hospitality businesses

We are less than a month away from 2022 – which means we are that much closer to a number of law changes taking effect next year. This week, we are highlighting some of the rate changes that will affect the hospitality industry. Workers’ comp and paid leave premiums will change slightly. You can calculate your paid leave rates here. For more details see our New in 2022 Law Changes page, which we update weekly.

Watch your mailbox! 2022 labor posters coming to you next week

If you would like to order extra 2022 labor posters, click here.

[Replay] Ask a Lawyer: What new vaccine requirements mean for you

If you missed employment lawyer Catharine Morisset present her webinar about vaccine mandates last month, you can watch it whenever you want. Learn about what covered employers must require of their employees, when this goes into effect and what it means for you. You can find this webinar on our members-only website. If you’ve never logged in to our members-only site, click on “not a member,” then “need access” and follow the prompts.

Crosscut survey: The future of downtown Seattle

Crosscut, a Seattle-based non-profit news organization, is working on a project focused on the future of downtown Seattle. The survey is intended to guide their reporting in light of the city electing new leadership to the mayor’s office, city attorney’s office and the city council.

Click on the survey link below if you’d like to share your thoughts about the future of downtown. Take the survey here.

King County vaccine mandate enforcement begins

King County recently announced that it will begin enforcement efforts for businesses that are out of compliance with the vaccine public health order. As this situation develops, we will let members know of any potential impacts to their businesses.

Be sure to bookmark our current guidance and requirements page where we provide regular updates on the latest federal, state and local public health mandates, and best practices for running a business during the pandemic. Also, our toolkit for current mask and vaccine requirements has a wealth of information to keep you up to date and includes resources like our library of printable coronavirus signage for businesses.

[Webinar] De-escalation and communication – part two

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is hosting a follow-up webinar on de-escalation and communication strategies at 10 a.m. on Dec. 3. Trainer Andy Prisco will focus specifically on how team members can develop effective communication skills regarding coronavirus safety and vaccine verification requirements. The webinar will also have a Q&A session with attendees. Open to everyone. Register here.

King County vaccine verification in small restaurants

On Dec. 6, restaurants in King County with a seating capacity of 12 or fewer people will be required to follow the vaccine mandate. If you are still looking for information and resources, please click here and check out our toolkit for current mask and vaccine requirements.

Help speed up Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) payments

The National Restaurant Association could use your help in their efforts to speed up ERTC payments and allow small businesses to defer their fourth-quarter tax payments. Read more and sign the petition here. Learn more about the ERTC and other current relief programs here. And if you still haven’t applied, you can start the process with Adesso at ERTC Support Center.

30% off coronavirus testing kits

Self-administered coronavirus testing kits are available for hospitality members at an exclusive 30% discount when ordering 20 or more tests. Pricing includes expedited shipping. Employees will receive online results within 2-4 days of the test’s delivery to the lab. Email hospitalityhealth@uhg.com to order.

New episode: The Northwest Hospitality Leadership Podcast—part two

In part two of the conversation about “The Ideal Team Player: How to recognize and cultivate the three essential virtues,” Anthony Anton and other hospitality professionals discuss finding the “hunger” in potential employees.

Brought to you by U.S. Bank. Listen to this episode as a podcast, or watch the video on YouTube.

Open enrollment closes Jan. 15

A new free service is available for hospitality employees. Licensed insurance agents will help them find the best plan for their situation. Team members can learn if they qualify for federal programs to make plans even more affordable. Multilingual assistance is available. Learn more here or have your employees call 866-563-0387.

Earn cash back with the association-branded business credit card

The Washington Hospitality Association has partnered with U.S. Bank to offer credit cards designed to help your business grow. Click here to start with a detailed payment consultation and discover ways to lengthen your operating cycle and increase cash flow.

[Replay] CEO Podcast – The vaccine mandate: What’s up and what’s next?

Watch the replay here.

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