Federal vaccine mandate

The Biden Administration previously announced that they will be implementing an employer-based vaccine mandate for organizations with 100 or more employees by Jan.4. Details about this new mandate have been scarce, but those details have finally been released.Click here for a quick summary of this new federal mandate and the potential impacts on hospitality businesses in Washington.The association knows this is a complex issue and there are webinars in the coming weeks that will discuss this topic:American Hotel and Lodging Association10 a.m.

PDT, Nov. 5OSHA vaccine mandate ETS: What it means for hoteliersNational Restaurant Association1 p.m.PST, Nov. 8Webinar: Federal vaccine mandate – What does it mean for restaurants?Washington Hospitality Association10 a.m., Nov. 24Ask a Lawyer: What new federal vaccine requirements mean for you with Catharine Morisset

2022 law changes: Single-use serviceware

The statewide plastic bag ban is in effect now, but there are also more changes for single-use plastics on the horizon.Beginning in 2022, businesses can no longer automatically include single-use items in customer orders.You can find more info and helpful links on our 2022 law changes page here.New additions arrive weekly as we feature another upcoming law change in our newsletter.

Seattle/King County election update

The Seattle Hotel Association and the Seattle Restaurant Alliance made endorsements in four races this election cycle.Bruce Harrell for Seattle Mayor, Ann Davison for Seattle City Attorney, Sara Nelson for Seattle City Council Position 9, and Dow Constantine for King County Executive.As of the 4 p.m., Nov.3 results update, every endorsed candidate holds a lead.We expect these margins to tighten as later votes tend to lean in favor of more progressive candidates, but these initial numbers are promising.We will continue to monitor the updates and keep you informed over the coming days.

State of the supply chain, part 1

As the end of 2021 draws near, uncertainty in the supply chain and labor markets lingers.To provide some clarity, we asked distributors to share their experience and offer advice for operators hoping to weather the storm.Washington Hospitality Association President and CEO Anthony Anton asked questions of people in the know.Read the first half of this two-part story here.

Updates to the Paid Family & Medical Leave program

There have been a few changes to Paid Family & Medical Leave since we first published our toolkit.The Legislature expanded the definition of “family member.” Lawmakers also expanded eligibility thresholds for some workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.And starting Jan.1, 2022, new rates are going into effect.

Check out our updated Paid Family & Medical Leave Toolkit to ensure you’re up to date on the latest with this program.

Small business stabilization fund

The city of Seattle has opened up additional grant funding to support small businesses and organizations impacted by the new vaccination verification requirement in King County.The Small Business Stabilization Fund will provide $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 grants to be used on operational expenses such as rent, wages, equipment and more.All small businesses are encouraged to apply by Nov.14. Click here to learn more about the Small Business Stabilization Fund.

[Replay] The workforce: Are workers coming back?

This month, Anthony was joined by Cassie Sauer, the CEO of the Washington Hospital Association.The two discuss the burden local hospitals are facing during the pandemic.Then, Anthony discusses the workforce shortage and where hospitality employees have gone.Watch the replay here, or listen to it wherever you download your podcasts.Brought to you by Office Depot.

Tip pooling FAQs and answers from Catharine Morisset

Q: Should I put our tip-pooling policy in writing?A: The short answer is YES, your tip-pooling policy needs to be in writing.Find out why this is important and learn about other tip pooling best practices here.

The Northwest Hospitality Leadership Podcast—listen now!

Anthony Anton and Chris Jenson of the Table Group discuss the book, “The Ideal Team Player: How to recognize and cultivate the three essential virtues.”The two are joined by:

  • Taran Patel, vice president of A1 Hospitality Management in the Tri-Cities and officer of Asian American Hotel Owners Association
  • Lane Hoss, vice president of operations at Anthony’s Restaurants

Brought to you by U.S. Bank. Listen to this episode as a podcast, or watch the video on YouTube.

Big win for Bellingham hospitality members and community

Bellingham voters rejected Initiative 4 by a margin of 39% in favor to 61% opposed.The Washington Hospitality Association led a campaign to educate voters about the harmful impacts the initiative would have to small local businesses, non-profits, and city services such as libraries and parks.Thank you to all the hospitality members who communicated with their employees, friends and neighbors to educate the community on how this initiative would have had unintended consequences negatively impacting the Bellingham community.

The best methods for selling your business

Allied member and Washington Hospitality Association sponsor Oliver Kotelnikov of IBA will share his expertise about how to sell your business in 2022 and beyond.On Nov.10, we’ll cover every step you need to close the sale, from marketing to transitioning ownership.Register for part two here.Did you miss part one?Watch the replay here.

Treat yourself to free statement credit

From now until Dec.31, members can earn statement credit when signing up for a talech software plan.New customers can get up to $1,200 in statement credit and existing customers can get up to $400.talech has mobile, online, contactless and pay-at-the-table options as well as many other features.Email ccprocessing@wahospitality.org to get started.

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