Washington Restaurant Weekly: Pacific Bells, Inc., honored with Restaurant Neighbor Award

Washington Restaurant Weekly: Pacific Bells, Inc., honored with Restaurant Neighbor Award https://wahospitality.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/WARestaurantWeekly-388x198.jpg

Tom Cook, a resident of Vancouver, Wash., who owns Pacific Bells, Inc., was awarded the Washington Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Neighbor Award. Over the past four years, Cook and local teams have given more than $230,000 to Lines for Life, a Portland organization that helps at-risk teens. His multi-state Taco Bell franchise, gave more than $140,000 to the Boys & Girls Club and with other franchisees, committed to an additional $1 million gift to the club. Moreover, Pacific Bells donated more than $182,000 to their Teens Scholarship Fund, which provides disadvantaged teens with higher education. “Pacific Bells, Inc., demonstrates how restaurants get people moving upward,” said WRA President and CEO Anthony Anton, who presented the award. “Like many of our larger members, not only do they contribute entry level jobs,  give funding for education and support our youth, they also provide for those in the community that need a hand-up when times are hard. Restaurants are the diplomats of service to the greater good in the Northwest. Pacific Bells is an example of how here, even large corporate restaurants care about and help the community.” Read more…

Urgent Action NEEDED! Time is running out to let the Liquor Control Board know your opinion!

Without your help, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) will continue to restrict your ability to negotiate discounts and pricing on wine and spirits. You can change this by completing a six question survey here. But hurry, the deadline for completing this survey is Sunday, August 24. By law, the LCB must examine potential impacts of proposed rules on small businesses. This means they have to listen to you! Read more…

WRA President and CEO Anthony Anton talks about the restaurant dollar on this week’s DineNW radio show

Don’t miss this week’s DineNW radio show, now online. This week we’ve got two great guests. Mike Adams, host of radio’s About Money, talks with the Washington Restaurant Association’s President and CEO Anthony Anton about the restaurant dollar. DineNW host Paul Schlienz talks with Renée Safrata, owner and founder of Vivo Team Consulting (www.vivoteam.com/wra-partner-page/www.vivoteamplatform.com), who explains how you negotiate that fine line between helpful feedback and hurtful criticism at your workplace.

Women find enormous opportunities in the restaurant industry

The demographics of the restaurant industry are changing. Nowhere is this clearer than in the spectacular increase in restaurants owned by women. According to the most recently available figures, the majority of restaurant businesses are either owned or co-owned by women. A whopping 45 percent of all restaurant managers are women – this is in comparison to a 38 percent average of female management in other industries. Restaurants owned by women grew by 50 percent between 1997 and 2007 – the most currently available figures – while the total number of U.S. restaurant businesses rose by 36 percent. Read more of this great Washington Restaurant Magazine article on the NRA’s America Works Here website.

Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Tabletop ordering gains favor with Millennials

Want Millennial customers to embrace your restaurant? Convenience and speed will always be strong selling points with this age cohort born roughly between 1982 and 2000. Not surprisingly, a recent survey revealed that younger diners are readily embracing tabletop ordering devices in casual dining restaurants. In contrast, older customers still prefer face to face contact with a live human being when placing a restaurant order. Read more…