Washington Hospitality Launches its Own Payment Processing Program

Washington Hospitality Launches its Own Payment Processing Program https://wahospitality.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/FacebookImage2.png

The Washington Hospitality Association is founded on four strong pillars. It is the primary source of hospitality information for our members. We offer the most comprehensive suite of training and workforce development for our industry. We advocate in Olympia for sensible legislation that supports restaurants and lodging establishments. Lastly, we research, design and implement the most effective cost-savings programs we can find for our members.

One of the newest and most exciting of these cost-savings is the payment processing program we developed specifically for the state’s hospitality industry. It’s called exactly what it is: the Washington Hospitality Association Credit Card Processing Program.

With this program, the Association has positioned itself to be the leader in credit card processing for hospitality businesses with rates that are already saving members an average of $2,400 annually per location. Are you one of those members? If not, perhaps this is a service you should explore?

The program not only provides hospitality-specific applications and features, the savings for each participant grows as the number of members using the program grows.

The application process is as simple as we could make it: No contracts, just an application to complete, a talk with the Association’s program manager to answer any questions you might have, an analysis and an introduction to cost savings. Easy.

Another important feature is that there are no early termination fees. One of the scary things about changing a vendor as important as a payment processor is the possibility of costly fees to get out of a contract that failed to deliver all it promised. If, after giving it a try, the Washington Hospitality Association Credit Card Processing Program is not what you expected, you can leave the program without a termination fee or penalty. That’s how sure we are that it’s the right program for you and your business.

We also keep things simple. If you have ever looked at a credit card processing invoice and been confused, you are not alone. One key goal of this program is to provide you with easy-to-read statements that are completely transparent. This is the key to understanding your costs.

So, your takeaway from all of this should be threefold:

  1. Washington Hospitality has a great new credit card processing program that will save you money.
  2. We built the program because we want you to succeed at what you do. (That’s why the Association exists in the first place.)
  3. We will help you pay attention to the details, and we will keep your statements simple to understand.

We’ve carefully crafted the Washington Hospitality Association Credit Card Processing Program to ensure member needs are being met every step of the way. And if for some reason you hit a bump in the road and need help getting a resolution, we’re here to assist you.

For more information, please contact Amy Spradlin at AmyS@wahospitality.org or 360.956.7279 x107.

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