UK restaurant owner guilty of manslaughter in allergy death

UK restaurant owner guilty of manslaughter in allergy death

LONDON (AP) MAY 23 2016 — A British man has been convicted of manslaughter after a customer at his Indian restaurant died because of a peanut allergy.

Restaurant owner Mohammed Zaman was convicted Monday at Teesside Crown Court for his role in bar manager Paul Wilson’s death.

Wilson had ordered a chicken tikka masala takeout meal from Zaman’s restaurant in 2014 and told the staff about his allergy to peanuts.

He died shortly after eating the meal at his home when he went into severe anaphylactic shock.

Prosecutors said Zaman replaced almond powder in his recipes with a cheaper mix that included peanuts. They said he put profits before customer safety.

Zaman hasn’t been sentenced. He has denied the charges, saying he left managers in charge and wasn’t at the restaurant at the time.

Food allergies are not just a nuisance, in many cases anaphylactic shock is a life or death matter in which seconds count.

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