The relevance of an association’s programs

The relevance of an association’s programs

by David Faro

The best way to remain relevant to an association member is to provide value for their business and their operations. Communication with members seems to be the key. Making sure there is a clear conduit of information that connects members with benefit programs is vital.

If members don’t know about a WRA cost saving program, how can they use it to save money?

Many restaurants fall on the ‘reactive’ side of the scale when it comes to business solutions. They only really think about replacing the boiler…after it explodes and blows a steaming hole through the back wall of the kitchen. Many – generally more successful businesses – try to operate using a ‘proactive’ approach, and this is where associations quickly become extremely relevant.

Proactive members look to their associations for answers to questions they have not even thought of asking yet. They look to the association for exposure to new customers, and they look to the association for learning opportunities. Members are trying to find proactive ways to save time, and save money, but if the association can’t connect them with the right information at the right time – then the association becomes less and less relevant.

It’s a two way street though. Someone can park a Ferrari in your driveway, but if you don’t get in and drive, then it’s just an ornament. Now, I am not saying that office supplies are like a Ferrari, but I AM saying that if you are not using your membership to save significantly on your weekly paper needs, pens, receipt paper, all that kind of stuff, then you are spending 40 cents of every dollar you spend (that’s almost half) that you don’t have to.

So, pull a dollar out of your pocket, cut it in half, and throw one half in the garbage. That’s what you’re currently doing if you are not using the WRA Office Depot office supply program. Now throw the other half in the garbage, and quit wasting money. You work hard for every dollar your business generates.  You shouldn’t be cutting them in half.

If you want to find out more about the WRA’s office supply program, call Stephanie Conway at 360-956-7279, and ask her how to get the ball rolling. She is an expert at saving money, and can connect you with a whole host of saving opportunities through your membership.

If you want to print out a membership Office Depot Card for the next time you go to the store near you. Click this link.

And, if you want to know more about all of the cost savings programs and value driven initiatives that the WRA has to offer, bookmark the website, like our Facebook page, and watch WRA videos everyday.

Don’t leave an invisible Ferrari sitting in your parking lot. Get in and drive.