The Labor Market and Meat Vendors

The Labor Market and Meat Vendors

By Chad Pearson, Business Outreach, Employment Security Department

Knowing what’s going on with the labor market is a lot like the relationship with your meat vendor. You don’t need to review it every day, but you need to make sure you’re competitive or you won’t be in business for long. As a hospitality leader, you know how to look for new vendors, but what about paying the right wage or knowing if there are enough workers to fill your job openings in the future.

One place to start is the Employment Security Department (ESD) website.  We gather information from employers, aggregate it and give it to you in simple terms at no additional cost. Valuable employment data is available on ESD’s Labor Market Information, such as:

  • Employment projections
  • Worker supply-and-demand reports
  • Average and median wages

The data can be customized so you can digest it the way you like it.  Dive lightly into graphs or deep into spreadsheets, you make the choice.  My favorite tool is Learn about an occupation webpage.  There, you can look up individual positions or job categories, add filters such as location or demand, and see average wages, employment trends and expected annual openings. This page gives hiring managers and job seekers a great deal of information to make informed decisions.

Now you’re armed with solid information! And to make sure you get the best candidate, head over to to post your jobs.

Using standard job search sites to fill your open positions can be difficult, expensive and often don’t provide the results you need. Even the free online advertising boards are a mixed bag. What can you do? – the smart way to look for talent
Try as your hiring solution. You’ll find more than 150,000 resumes — from entry level to upper management. Post your positions at no cost and use state-of-the-art technology to search for candidates.

Then visit

The Hospitality Association and partnered to create this spotlight page to encourage career seekers to explore the hospitality field. We know that hospitality is the training ground for America’s workforce, and we put tools online to help job seekers:

  • Understand it
  • Find your open jobs and
  • Apply with a click of a button

The WorkSource “clicks and bricks” model offers even more help with hiring
WorkSource offers what other online sites can’t. In addition to clicks on a website, we offer bricks and mortar WorkSource centers statewide. At no additional cost, business services teams stand ready to:

  • Help you find candidates
  • Hold hiring events and job fairs for you
  • Screen your applicants and connect you to qualified candidates

Check out and starting posting your jobs today, before all the good candidates go to your competitors.