The 2019 Legislative Session Preview

The 2019 Legislative Session Preview

*This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of The Washington Hospitality Association Magazine

 By Nicole Vukonich

For the first time in a while, when the Legislature convenes on Jan. 14, 2019, the House of Representatives and the Senate will begin with stronger Democratic majorities. With 57 Democrats in the House and 28 Democrats in the Senate, the balance of power in the Legislature has shifted left. What does this mean for hospitality? To put it plainly: This shift left brings opportunities and challenges for the coming session. The hospitality industry has positioned itself well for this change with a reputation founded on being solutions-oriented and collaborative with all members of the Legislature.

This session, the Washington Hospitality Association will focus on workforce development and affordable housing. Amid one of the lowest rates of unemployment, how can we assist the industry by ensuring we have a trained and prepared talent pipeline? By working with the Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation and by leveraging public/private partnerships we hope to continue the good will and good work established to ensure that anyone seeking a job has an opportunity within the industry. As employers, we want to make sure that there are affordable housing options are available in our communities and for those who are seeking shelter.

Additional issue areas as approved by the Government Affairs Committee include:

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