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Bird flu outbreak affects costs, supply

Restaurateurs are facing a shortage of eggs and egg products that could last two years, following the outbreak of a strain of avian flu that has decimated about a third of egg supplies in the United States, according to United Egg Producers officials.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Ethanol mandate drives up food costs in a major way

Good intentions often have unintended consequences. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to ethanol.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Taking food standards seriously

Restaurants have always taken food standards seriously – as every restaurateur knows, it’s an essential part of doing business and providing a quality experience for the customer.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Beef costs rise, restaurants cope

Beef prices are the highest they’ve been in decades due to years of drought that devastated cattle herds. Restaurants are now struggling to cope with these costs.

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Supply and demand: the search for logistics pros

There will always be a home for the cool new hotshot chef. But the industry also needs professionals with a “science mindset.”