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Ask Hospitality: Reduce Temptation to Increase Profitability

Q: My business is busier than ever, yet my cash balance isn’t growing as I would expect it to. I’m concerned I’m out of touch with what could be happening around controls. I trust everyone, but need to dig a little deeper. Where do I start?

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Consumer spending remains uneven

The August sales report is another indication that consumers continue to pick their spots carefully, despite the steady job growth and rising household income, according to the NRA’s chief economist Bruce Grindy.

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Using technology to stop restaurant theft

Association POS program Sept. 16, 2013 | by Cherryh Cansler Whether it’s employees pocketing cash, giving away free food or simply making honest mistakes because of poor training, losing money

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Co-Working Gains Momentum

Co-working spaces are a hot new trend. But what are co-working spaces and what is their connection to restaurants?

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Breakfast wars

The global quick service chain, which had been struggling, has made a stunning comeback since it instituted all day breakfast last year.


Is Your Restaurant Successful?

How Does Your Restaurant Measure Up? By Kathy Chaffee Groff Successful restaurant operations are usually made up of a delicate balance of financial, staffing and operations. There are indicators in


Easily Increase Profitability

Increase Productivity to Increase Profitability By Rick Braa, CHAE Numbers rule! Numbers tell the truth, they eliminate drama, they’re fascinating and most of all they can help you make more


Make The Most Of Menu Planning

If you do not know what each item on your menu costs, you may be leaving 5 percent on the table! Easily 90 percent of all restaurants do not have


Tapping Into Water Drinkers

Every time a restaurant offers a glass of tap water to a guest, it’s like pouring money down the drain. Today, a total of 11.2 percent of full-service restaurant (FSR)


Increasing Bar Revenues

Increasing Bar Revenues One Step at a Time By Robert Plotkin It’s hard to imagine there’s a restaurant or bar owner who would suggest his or her business wouldn’t greatly


Bolstering Lunch Sales

Fast, Healthy, Affordable: Driving a Lunch Crowd in Tough Times By Heather Donahoe In her 20 years as a waitress at Casa Mia Italian restaurant in Olympia, Wash., Kathy Hurt

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Restaurant sales surpass grocery store sales

Monthly sales at restaurants exceeded grocery stores sales for the first time in December, and this trend has intensified in months since.

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Healthy kids = healthy sales?

Could nutritious kids’ meals at restaurants increase sales and encourage families to be more healthful when they dine out?

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Restaurant ATM’s | The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When it comes to restaurant ATMs, there are lots of positives and negatives to be seen, depending on your personal viewpoints. Lots of people enjoy having restaurant ATMs readily available,


Your ATM could provide you with:

Increased Register Receipts – People withdraw an average of $60 per transaction. Much of that money is spent in the location it was withdrawn. Most of the money made with an