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Ask the Expert: Freshen Your Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage

By Rick Braa, CHAE   Q: The technology world is moving quickly. I’m fearful we will be irrelevant in the future. What are some of the pieces of tech I

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Technology Forward: McDonald’s embrace of new tech keeps up with the changing times

By Lisa Leinberger   McDonald’s has been changing the very nature of quick-service since it got its start in 1948. In its earliest days, the company streamlined and revolutionized cooking

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Tech-savvy guests seek online information, ordering options

Smart operators can leverage technology to attract guests About six in 10 consumers say they’re likely to choose one restaurant over another based on whether they can look at menus

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Eye on Hospitality: Apps are Where it’s at for Hotels and Restaurants

This is true throughout the business world, and the hospitality industry is no exception.

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What did Black Friday tell us about mobile payments?

By Andy Brown  NCR – Aloha   Point of Sale Systems Every year, retailers look forward to Black Friday – the sales event that makes the biggest in-store shopping day of

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Eye on Hospitality: Restaurants, Hotels Set for Big Business on Super Bowl

By Paul Schlienz Super Bowl Sunday is coming soon, on Feb. 5, and take-out delivery is likely to do major business on the big day. Approximately 48 million Americans order

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What Pokémon Go Really Means for Hospitality

By now you will have likely formed an opinion about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Perhaps it’s simply the latest “thing” among Millennials and the younger Gen Z kids, and it‘ll go by the wayside before too long.

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EMS: Restaurant of the Future

By Dorothy Creamer The future is a moving target when it comes to technology and its applications, with plateaus punctuated with bursts of upward trajectory. For the restaurant industry, predicting the

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Hospitality Industry Embraces Pokémon GO

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island, it’s nearly impossible not to know that the Pokémon GO craze has taken the world by storm like no other smartphone game. And smart restaurants and hotels are finding ways to attract the game’s devotees to their premises as paying customers.

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The real question when considering social media in 2016 is this: Are you capitalizing on its potential?

Not that long ago, newspaper ads, direct mail and, if you could afford it, TV and radio commercials were the vehicle to drive new customers to your doorstep. How you engaged them when they got there was what turned your guests into repeat business.


32 platforms to consider when building a social media ecosystem.

by David Faro Whether you’re using social media to build awareness for your business, to drive leads to your sales force or anything else in between, it’s important to be

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Weekly Update: Congratulations, 2016 ProStart® Invitational winners!

Fifteen culinary and seven management teams from across Washington competed in the Boyd’s Coffee® ProStart Invitational this past weekend. This is an annual event that brings hundreds of students and restaurateurs together.

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Tech Trends Coming Your Way in 2016

Each new year typically ushers in new waves of technologies, gadgets and tools because of the annual Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in early January in Las Vegas. Oftentimes, these are evolutions of existing technologies or mass market rollouts of devices that have been in development for years.

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Restaurant industry to navigate continued challenges in 2016

The National Restaurant Association projects that restaurants in 2016 will post sales of $782.7 billion and employ 14.4 million people in more than 1 million locations.

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Seven buzzes for hotels

You might call it the best and the worst of times to be a lodging owner or operator here in Washington.