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Millennials love wine so much the industry is changing how it’s made

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. – Having a glass of wine with dinner is a nightly ritual for many, but it turns out that more millennial couples are coming home and having almost an entire bottle. It’s a trend wine makers are tracking. (YourCentralValley.com)

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Millennials, yes millennials, likely to prefer chain restaurants: study

Younger consumers are far more likely than their older counterparts to prefer chains to independent restaurants, according to an annual global consumer survey from consulting firm AlixPartners. “We were surprised to see that,” AlixPartners Managing Director Kurt Schnaubelt said in an interview. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Pizza chains forge a digital path to millennial diners

Millennials are often considered the most influential generation of consumers. Their preferences have brought about change in almost every industry, including food. (SmartBrief)

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What Mobile Apps, Millennials Reveal About Restaurants

There is no doubt that quick-service restaurants have evolved since they first appeared on the food service horizon. Chains that were established based on low price and fast service, with limited hours and only a handful of menu options available, have reinvented themselves dramatically. (QSR)

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Hilton’s Tru hotels are millennial-friendly and low budget

Lookout Airbnb, Hilton’s trying to woo the millennial market with a new line of low-cost hotels that put craft beer and hangout space front and center. Tru hotels dial down costs with easily cleanable rooms that are 20 percent smaller than average and located outside of expensive cities. (Curbed)

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Millennial snackers drive specialty food sales, trends

More than 25,000 attendees flocked to the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City last week, to sample, sip and learn about the latest specialty foods and beverages from more than 2,600 international exhibitors. Sales of specialty food and beverages hit $127 billion last year, up 15% from 2014, and much of the growth was fueled by millennials’ snacking trends, said Ron Tanner, vice president for philanthropy, government and industry relations for the Specialty Food Association, which puts on the annual show. (SmartBrief)

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Darden CEO: ‘Believe it or not, millennials still want to come to restaurants’

Darden CEO Gene Lee doesn’t think that Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market will stop millennials from eating out. Some 30 percent of Darden’s guests are millennials, Lee said. (CNBC)

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From the editor: Redefining casual

As casual-dining chains struggle to find their place in a world where food is available everywhere, we should consider: What does casual mean now anyway? Independent restaurants took a stab at defining what casual means to their operations at the “Casual By Design” Worlds of Flavor conference last month hosted by The Culinary Institute of America at its campus in St. Helena, Calif. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Why McDonald’s is going big into delivery

McDonald’s Corp. announced another expansion of its delivery service through UberEats into more than 2,000 locations around the country on Wednesday, and said it plans to have delivery in 3,500 locations by the end of June. The expansion is part of the company’s rapid adoption of a service that it believes will increase check average and make the company more desirable to younger consumers who want their food brought to them. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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This Is Why Hotels Are Removing Minibars (and Desks and Closets)

Hotels are having an identity crisis. As technology wreaks havoc throughout society and as millennials decide their parents’ lifestyle just isn’t for them, hotels are tearing out their hair, wondering what on earth people want anymore. (Inc.)

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Talking Millennial Myths at the NRA Show

“Much of what you’ve heard about millennials is absolutely wrong,” said Jason Dorsey, a statement that caused many in the crowd, largely made up of restaurant owners, to sit up in their seats. Speaking today during the National Restaurant Association Show, Dorsey, co-founder of millennial and Gen Z research firm The Center for Generational Kinetics, proceeded to detail the many myths that have caused those charged with marketing restaurants to this key demographic to misjudge their audience. (Franchise Times)

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Eye on Hospitality: Hotels Scramble to Attract Millennial Guests

Millennials are the hospitality industry’s top marketing demographic. Everyone wants their business, and nowhere is this more obvious than in hotels.

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What Pokémon Go Really Means for Hospitality

By now you will have likely formed an opinion about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Perhaps it’s simply the latest “thing” among Millennials and the younger Gen Z kids, and it‘ll go by the wayside before too long.

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GALLUP: What do “Millennials” want?

Want to connect with the millennial workforce?  Click here to visit INDUSTRY PEOPLE OFTEN ASK GALLUP, “Are millennials really that different?” The answer is yes ― profoundly so. Millennials will change

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants Make College Affordable for Their Employees

Increasingly, the restaurant industry is stepping to the plate and financially assisting its employees who wish to pursue higher education.