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Weekly Update: Give your feedback to change LCB Enforcement and Education services

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News Room Washington Hospitality Weekly

Weekly Update: How to comply with panic buttons

Panic buttons and the law: How to comply by 2020 We’ve heard from members that you’re receiving sales calls for panic button systems. Don’t panic…you have until Jan. 1, 2020,

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Recreational Marijuana Two Years’ Later: Don’t Get Lost in the Legal Weeds

The passage of Initiative 502 paved the way for recreational marijuana sales to begin in Washington state in July 2014. Yet more than two years later, the public, employees and employers alike still have misconceptions about the legal aspects of recreational marijuana, and Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB)’s rules and enforcement practices continue to evolve.

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What happens when the police arrive?

WSLCB Retail enforcement officers ensure state liquor laws and regulations are being followed at liquor-licensed businesses that sell and serve alcohol for on-and-off premises consumption, such as restaurants, grocery stores,


Retail/Non-Retail Relationships

Washington state has laws and rules regarding the relationship between alcohol manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. (RCW 66.28.010. WAC 314-12-114) Following is a list of important rules you need to know:


Keg Sales

Any licensee who sells beer for off-premises consumption in kegs or other containers holding four or more gallons of beer must: Require the purchaser to provide at least one piece


Tavern License

TAVERN LICENSEES ARE ALLOWED TO: Serve beer by the bottle or can or by tap for on-premises consumption. Serve wine for on-premises consumption. Sell beer and/or wine in the original,


What You Can Sell

BEER AND/OR WINE RESTAURANT LICENSEES MAY SELL: Beer and wine by the opened bottle or can or by tap for on-premises consumption. Beer and wine in the original, unopened containers


Sports, Entertainment, NonProfit

SPORTS/ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY LICENSE A sports/entertainment facility license is a spirits, beer, and wine license for arenas, coliseums, stadiums, or other facilities where sporting, entertainment and special events are presented. (WAC


Private Compliance Checks

Once approved by the Board, retail liquor licensees may conduct their own compliance checks using minors, under specific guidelines. (RCW 66.44.290, chapter 314-21 WAC) Licensees who conduct private compliance checks,


Required Signage

Master Business License All businesses are required to conspicuously post the business’s current and valid Master License, showing all classes of licenses and endorsements. (WAC 314-11-060) Firearms Prohibited Firearms prohibited


Retail Liquor Advertising

Happy Hour The advertising of “Happy Hour” is permitted. Retailers cannot require the customer to purchase more than one drink at a time in order to receive a reduced price.


For All Licensees

NO DRINKING ON THE JOB No employee or licensee may drink alcohol or be under the influence of marijuana while on duty. Employees and licensees who are drinking on duty


Financial Interest & Ownership

Policy Statement: Financial interest and/or ownership is allowed under the following conditions: An industry member in whose name a license or certificate of approval (COA) has been issued pursuant to



The Liquor Control Board issues penalties for violations of liquor laws or rules. These violations are categorized into three groups. (CHAPTER 314-29 WAC) Group one, public safety violations: The standard