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Preventing Teen Injuries

Employment data show the hospitality and retail industries, including restaurants, employ 50 percent of teenagers, which contributes to the high incidence of injury to teens. In 2000, the Washington State


First Aid Compliance

Go to http://whaef.org/training/first-aid-cpr-aed/ for scheduled First-Aid classes and registration. Because each restaurant is unique, first aid needs will vary depending on the number of employees, type of work, job hazards

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Are you ready for OSHA’s new recordkeeping posting rules?

Every restaurant operator knows it is essential to keep current on all U.S. Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules. What many restaurateurs may not know is that there will be a major change in OSHA’s posting rules starting on February 1.

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First Aid Kit Checklist

Click here for member pricing on first aid equipment Being prepared for medical emergencies is an important part of your business’s safety program. Whether you have one employee or more

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Are you prepared for injuries?

With employees handling sharp knives, hot surfaces and boiling oils, having the proper first aid kit and training is crucial to the overall safety of your professional kitchen. By just

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The line cook is on fire, what now?

For information abut the the  full spectrum of Work Safety training options provided through your membership with the WRA.  Click here For information about safety equipment available through your WRA

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How ‘Hospitality’ gets hurt

To help restaurants prevent injuries and reduce liabilities, Cintas Corporation released its list of the top four restaurant injuries. From cuts and burns to slips and falls, restaurants can present

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Cuts in the kitchen – Training

Onsite training available for your business Cuts are not only a danger to the employee but customers are put at risk too whenever an employee slices their finger open. Life


Should my restaurant have a non slip shoe policy?

YES! As a general rule, employers CAN require employees to wear certain items of general `street clothing’ and require employees to bear the expense. Where the employer fronts the costs,

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First Aid Training: Be Prepared for Emergencies

Click here for scheduled First-Aid classes and registration Kitchens can be a dangerous place. With knives, hot oil, and slippery floors everywhere, employee injuries are inevitable. But certain precautions can


Workplace Safety Basics for Restaurants

Thousands of serious, costly, and preventable workplace injuries and illnesses are reported every year for restaurants in Washington State. Direct and indirect costs pile up every time someone trips and

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Stay at Work: A win-win for employers, employees and taxpayers

By Paul Schlienz, managing editor Every restaurant operator knows it’s no easy task to bring an employee back to work after an injury. The process can be lengthy and costly.


Don’t slip up – 6 ways to protect your self against injury claims

It’s probably happened to most of us. That momentary lapse of inattention thinking about a personal problem or distracted by an activity that ends in a slip, trip or fall.


7 Steps to stay sharp and avoid cuts!

In 2014 nearly 13,600 restaurant workers lost at least a day of work because of a work-related laceration. The number represents 15.5 percent of all injuries to restaurant workers, making


Restaurants – 10 Ways to stay safe

Employers have a legal and moral duty to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. There are also financial incentives: losing a valued worker to injury can be bad for business,