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Food trucks: More than just a trend

Have you heard about food trucks as the latest trend in food service? Is it a trend? Is it really new? What about urban street vendors that sell hot dogs, pretzels, kabobs and countless other foods?

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Ready or not, robot restaurants are here

The concept of a restaurant with minimal employees, much automation and no contact between restaurant staff and guests is not completely new.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Grass-fed bison finds wide popularity with health conscious consumers

There was a time within recent memory when it was unusual to find bison on restaurant menus outside of the Rocky Mountains or Great Plains states. This is no longer the case.

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Ethnic restaurants on the rise in Washington

You’ll see it in many locales throughout Washington state. Pacific Highway South, in Tacoma and Lakewood, is a potpourri of ethnic cuisines, most of all, Korean, but also including Mexican, Filipino and Puerto Rican.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Quick service restaurants see benefits in energy conservation

Energy conservation is gaining momentum and interest among quick service restaurants.

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Will drones fly their way into the restaurant industry?

Earlier this year, a Singapore-based restaurant chain, Timbre, announced that it will be implementing drone waiters as a way to deal with the country’s growing service staffing gap issue.

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Building breakfast business

Breakfast business continues to rise and shine at restaurants. Last year, 32 percent of family-dining restaurants cited it as their most successful day part, according to NRA’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Taking food standards seriously

Restaurants have always taken food standards seriously – as every restaurateur knows, it’s an essential part of doing business and providing a quality experience for the customer.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Low-carb diets on the rise, restaurants respond

More than ever, restaurants are scrambling to cater to health-conscious customers. Menus with gluten-free and other non-allergenic food are becoming increasingly common. Although we hear less about them, low-carbohydrate diets are also having an impact on the foodservice industry.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Whole-grain foods go mainstream

Anyone who thinks whole-grain foods are just niche items hasn’t been paying attention.

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Restaurant workforce demographics are shifting

The teen labor force participation rate declined sharply in recent years, a development that directly impacted the restaurant workforce.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants discover Instagram

Like it or not, restaurants cannot live without social media in this day and age.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Beef costs rise, restaurants cope

Beef prices are the highest they’ve been in decades due to years of drought that devastated cattle herds. Restaurants are now struggling to cope with these costs.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Smartwatch ordering coming soon to a restaurant near you

Like never before, restaurants are scrambling to add technology that allows easier customer interface. Members of the Millennial generation expect it, and restaurant operators view it as a way to increase efficiency and improve service.