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Restaurants – 10 Ways to stay safe

Employers have a legal and moral duty to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. There are also financial incentives: losing a valued worker to injury can be bad for business,

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What wellness means to restaurants

Wellness is a state of optimal health that is oriented towards maximizing potential. A healthy restaurant is one that is moving toward physical, intellectual, emotional, social and environmental well-being at all times.

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Tips for management success: How to get your team on board

What’s up for your operation this year? A new POS system? New features? Better organization? Streamlined service checkpoints? Whatever you’ve determined needs a change this year, congratulations! As we all know, change is more than inevitable, it’s critical.

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Make a life not just a living — finding your purpose at work

Are you making the most of your team? A recent Gallup Study on employee engagement said that 71% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs, and only 29% are said to be engaged in their job! Engage your team and improve your company.

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Interview rules for you and your managers

Strategically planning your interview techniques is essential for building the strongest team possible.

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Creating a playbook for success

As you focus more on your processes and strategic plans, you transition from working “in” your business to working “on” your business. The key to a successful transition is