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Hotels now see online travel sites as rivals

Major hotel chains are engaging in an online turf war with the very travel sites that have helped drive their businesses. Marriott International Inc., Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. and InterContinental Hotels Group are using extensive marketing campaigns to claw back business from Expedia Inc., Priceline Group Inc. and other travel-booking sites, which steer customers to hotel properties but also take commissions of up to 30% for each reservation. (MarketWatch)

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How hotels can compete in the new accommodation economy

We all know the message that Airbnb is supposedly beating the hotel sector in a number of ways.
While the hotel industry is experiencing strong growth since the downturn of the economy, alternative (private?) accommodation from the likes of Airbnb and HomeAway has been chipping away at the hospitality sector’s total addressable market. (Tnooz)

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Hotels, feeling the pinch of Airbnb, promote local experiences

“Tourist” has become a dirty word in the hospitality business. The preferred word? (CNBC)

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Simplifying Digital Marketing For Hotels

Hospitality marketing is like selling chocolate in a busy shopping mall: Every customer has different tastes. Too many hotel marketers get caught up in the latest trends or buzz words like “big data” or “content marketing.” (Forbes)

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Hotels put bigger focus on fitness with in-room equipment

As executive director of Destination DC, which markets the capital to travelers, Elliott Ferguson knows a thing or two about hotels. When he travels, one of the first things he looks for is a good fitness center. (Washington Post)

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Hotel industry rests uneasily with growth of Airbnb and other short-term rental services

For the upcoming summer vacation season, travelers have an array of choices: Beach or mountains? Fly or drive? (Washington Times)

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This Is Why Hotels Are Removing Minibars (and Desks and Closets)

Hotels are having an identity crisis. As technology wreaks havoc throughout society and as millennials decide their parents’ lifestyle just isn’t for them, hotels are tearing out their hair, wondering what on earth people want anymore. (Inc.)

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New Research Report: The State of Loyalty in Hospitality 2017

For today’s hospitality brands, loyalty programs are as much about repeat customers as they are about controlling distribution costs. Often times that means strategy at the property level, rather than at the brand level. (Skift)

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Hotels add plugs, ports for device-laden guests

Stephen Delaney travels with a laptop, an iPad, two cellphones and a backup power pack to keep all his devices charged. When he walks into a hotel guestroom, he scours for the power outlets and USB ports. (USA Today)