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How the Hotel Industry Views Its Future (and Airbnb)

When Jeff Weinstein stays at a hotel, he is no average guest. Every little detail gets his attention. (The Atlantic)

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Long Beach leaders reject law that would protect housekeepers at local hotels

Pro-labor voices on Long Beach’s City Council fell short of convincing their colleagues of the need for a new city law regulating working conditions for housekeepers who clean the city’s hotels. The council voted 5-4 Tuesday night to reject a proposal that would have required the City Attorney’s office to draft an ordinance setting new rules for all Long Beach hotels, an alteration from the original proposal that called for the protections at hotels with more than 100 rooms. (Long Beach Press-Telegram)

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Hotels That Bring Sports Fans Close to Their Teams

A number of new hotels aim to allow fans to stay close to their favorite sports teams, encouraging tourism outside of game time. For baseball fans, the new Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta is scheduled to open in early 2018, well before opening day for the Atlanta Braves, who play next door at the new SunTrust Park. (New York Times)

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AT&T offers free equipment to pitch hotels on DirecTV service

You’re on vacation, but you don’t want to miss the next episode of “Bull” or “A Place To Call Home.” Not to worry, AT&T says, as it makes a new pitch to hotels for its DirecTV service. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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Booking.com Is Expanding Beyond Hotels and Into Flights, Cars and Restaurants

The Priceline Group has been looking at adding flights to its largest site, Booking.com, for years, but has hesitated for fear of detracting from its core hotels product. But in this case, taking a “stronger together” approach and leveraging the group’s other in-house brands could ultimately pay off. (Skift)

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Communal, cozy and connected: Hotels of the future break new ground

Rooms are getting smaller and sleeker, while common areas are growing in size and importance. Players include new entrants, such as Yotel, and traditional hotel chains, such as Best Western, Hilton and IHG brands. (CNBC)

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Airbnb said to ready a premium tier to compete more with hotels

Airbnb is close to launching a new service that will match guests with quality-inspected home and apartment rentals. The product is intended to attract higher-paying travelers who have yet to use Airbnb because they prefer the amenities guaranteed by fancy hotels, said three people familiar with the project. Chicago Tribune)

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Hotels and OTAs failing to inspire guests

A new report from TrustYou suggests that hotels and OTAs are not yet fully embracing the opportunities around upselling and ancillary revenues. The killer chart references the subject of the communications that guests recall having received during the crucial post-booking pre-stay phase. (Tnooz)

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Airbnb’s Biggest Weapon Against Hotels: Machine Learning

Airbnb numbers among Valley’s darlings, reportedly valued at $31 billion and actually profitable, the latter being a novelty among startups. It’s less beloved by the hotel industry. (Inc.)

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Hotels are shrinking rooms and adding more places to be alone with other people

If you want some food in your hotel room, chances are you’ll have to put on pants. Pants presentable enough for a walk down to the lobby, where other guests are sipping cappuccinos in lounge chairs, typing away on their laptops. (Quartz)

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Seattle hotel-worker rights intact after judge tosses hotel-owners’ lawsuit

A King County Superior Court judge Friday threw out a lawsuit brought by hotel-owner groups seeking to undo hotel-worker protections approved by Seattle voters last year. Judge John Erlick said Initiative 124 and the resulting city ordinance neither violate the federal and state constitutions nor conflict with existing laws. (Seattle Times)

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I-124 Decision, June 9

Seattle hotels remain devoted to a safe, healthy work environment that respects the rights of both our employees and our guests. Initiative 124 threatens that commitment, impeding the industry’s ability

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Hotels Of The Future Will Rely Heavily On AI And Robotics

I can envision a lot of roles that might seem ridiculous now but might become completely possible in the future of the hotel industry. These are just some that come to the top of my mind: Check in/reception desk. (Forbes)

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Non-Hotel Businesses are Getting into Hotels: Why?

Those of us who have been in the hotel business for years (or even weeks, for that matter) know how unglamorous it can be. There are messes to clean up, unhappy guests to reassure, and occupancy rates to worry about. (Hospitality Net)

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Hotels try to divert business from Expedia and Priceline, as millennial travelers upend the industry

Hotel owners are tired of online travel agencies (OTAs), like Expedia and Priceline, cutting into their profits by charging hefty commissions. To counter the growing trend of consumers booking through these third-party sites, big hotel chains have launched marketing campaigns to encourage customers to reserve rooms directly through their websites. (GeekWire)